by in Vitamins November 8, 2007

Vegetable GardenGardening is an excellent way to enjoy being outside while burning calories.  According to Lois Sheldahl, PhD  you can easily burn about 100 calories in just 20 minutes of raking leaves and working outside in your yard. For other information on quick calorie burners read the full article here. 

Gardening can also be very relaxing and thus a great stress buster.

Growing your own food can not only be rewarding, but also is a cost-effective way to provide your family with fresh organic produce.  Eating seasonal produce is a simple way to improve your health by increasing variety in your diet.

Right now squash is the hit superfood of the season.  Whether you are growing pumpkins, butternut squash, or acorn squash in your garden you can easily turn them in to a nutritious soup to boost your immune system during the cold and flu months.  Because of the beautiful orange and yellow pigments, squash are a rich source of beta carotene and other important carotenoids.

See the recipe section for delicious ideas on how to eat squash.

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