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Although much of what is discussed here at “the kitchen table” is based off the premises of good common sense backed by the fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, and all our other favorite basic sciences, I am happy to report that we are an “evidence based medicine” friendly site.

This means that all foods, herbs, and nutrients discussed here have research to support them, as most of my colleagues and I typically practice “evidenced based medicine”.

Some research however is so overwhelmingly evident that I have streamlined the research articles down to represent the best studies in the latest research.

For the sake of efficiency and space conservation blog articles with multiple references are not listed at the end of each article, but archived here via name, disease state, and/or symptom.

If you are looking for a research article for instance supporting the use of vitamin D in “The Sundene Protocol for Seasonal Depression”, you will find it conveniently listed under “Vitamin D” or “Depression”.

Only peer reviewed journal articles available at are used by the physicians at this site to maintain the integrity of our occupations as Naturopathic Physicians.

The purpose of this reference page is not only to reduce needless extra page content, but also to conveniently keep busy docs up to date with the latest in alternative medicine research. If you are not familiar on a study linking “Lycopene and prostate cancer” for instance you will find it listed below under the heading of either “Lycopene” or “Prostate Cancer”.

If you are an MD that enjoys reading research articles you might appreciate the opportunity to peruse some of the following “good” research articles on complimentary medicine. I say “good” because it is tough to get someone to fund an exceptional double blind randomized control trial on the therapeutic potential of eating broccoli.

Who is going to pay for that? The broccoli company? Shoot, maybe someday I just will, but even then, what should we use for placebo? Cauliflower? Should we blind fold them at every meal then?

Nevertheless, in the interim there is still plenty of “good” and “decent” and occasionally “excellent” research out there supporting what we discuss at Kitchen Table Medicine as we motivate people to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle. To understand the philosophy and practice of using alternative medicines feel free to check out our Favorite Books page to get you pointed in the right direction. Although the medicines we use have research supporting their efficacy we still aim to follow the principals of Naturopathic Medicne and treat the whole person whenever possible, rather than treating each symptom individually. You may also be interested in reading up on Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine practices as their healing systems appear to be providing health promoting results. Much better than our current “sick care” system in America, as described by US Surgeon General, Jocelyn Elders.

This page is frequently updated so please feel free to bookmark it and check back to see what is new on your favorite topics of interest!

You are always welcome to share any new favorite research articles in the comments of this page, and I will integrate and update as time allots.

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