How to Stop Burping Up Fish Oil

by in Omega-3 Oils December 9, 2007

PhotobucketMost folks have heard of the health benefits of the Omega 3 oils found primarily in Alaskan Wild Salmon and flaxseeds.

Although dietary consumption is always preferred it may not be practical for those with high Omega 3 intake requirements such as those with inflammatory conditions.

If you have a problem taking the fish oil capsules you can simply keep them in the freezer! The capsule should then stay intact while passing through the stomach and break down in the small intestine instead for absorption.

Fish oil should be taken with a meal, not on an empty stomach. Be sure to use a high quality fish oil that has been independently quality tested for Mercury and PCB content.

You can evaluate the research at to find high quality supplements. Carlson is a highly reputable company and is widely available, I also like Arctic Omega, and Pharmax.

  1. WOW! THANK YOU! I take salmon oil almost daily and I *HATE* the taste mid-day when it starts to poke back up.

    I will try this one ASAP. Thanks!!!!!!

  2. […] 6. Omega 3 Fatty acids- although fish oil is likely more efficacious than flax oil, I would experiment with the oil that works best for you. You can read my article on “Fish oil vs Flax oil”. A concentrate of 9.6 grams per day was shown to be effective compared to a placebo in a small pilot trial. Patients on the study were not taken off their current medications. This is one natural therapy you can safely add as an adjunctive to most treatment plans unless you are taking blood thinning medications. I typically prescribe one tablespoon of Carlson lemon flavored cod liver right before a meal, and yes you can take it in capsules if the thought of drinking fish oil makes you gag. […]

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