The work place stretching routine

by in Back Pain, Exercise, Fatigue, Kitchen Sink, Neck Pain, Stress December 9, 2007

Sitting at a desk all day long creates a hunched over posture, which typically results in upper back and neck pain. The reason for this is that the muscles on the back side of the neck and upper back become chronically stretched throughout the day. A muscle can only stretch for so long before it will begin to spasm. By stretching out the muscles on the front side of the body such as the neck and pecs you can give the tight muscles on the backside a break.

A simple routine involves doing several sets of neck rolls twice daily, along with a few breaks a day to do “doorway stretches” . You can do a simple doorway stretch by standing slightly in front of a doorway with both hands placed slightly above shoulder height on the trim of the door. Now lunge forward until you feel a nice stretch in your pecs and the front crease of your armpits. Take some deep breaths and hold for at least 10 seconds. Keep in mind it takes at least 10 seconds for a muscle to relax. Taking a few moments throughout your work day to take care of yourself will not only help you feel better but should also enhance your overall productivity.

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