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"Sleep", The Miracle Drug

by in Sleep January 24, 2008

Long-term health depends on the regeneration that occurs during deep sleep. Growth hormone, or the “anti-aging” hormone, is secreted during sleep, which stimulates tissue regeneration, liver cleansing, muscle building, break down of fat stores and normalization of blood sugar. During sleep free radicals are scavenged in the brain, minimizing its aging. Many health problems are […]

Plants That Promote Clean Air

by in Air Pollution January 24, 2008

 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has done studies indicating that indoor air pollution is a more consistent threat to your health than outdoor pollution. This pollution comes primarily from volatile organic chemicals (VOC) like formaldehyde that are present in new building materials such as carpeting, paneling, cabinets, fabrics, etc. This pollution can be reduced with […]

Sprouting for Health

by in Recipes January 24, 2008

When almost any bean, grain or seed is soaked overnight and allowed to grow, sprouting of the new plant occurs, in a burst of vitality, releasing its stored nutrients. These tiny, new and easy-to-digest plants literally contain the best of what the plant has to offer, since they are at their nutritional peak. During the […]

Healthy Dining

by in Diet Tips January 24, 2008

As a group, senior citizens generally report being the most satisfied with mealtimes: they tend to eat earlier and have more established rituals than younger persons or families. Everyone benefits from the peace of mind that comes from a structured routine. Researchers say that following daily patterns such as eating at regular times may help […]

Sources of Antioxidants

by in Antioxidants, Fruits and Veggies January 17, 2008

Every day we come in contact with air pollution, tobacco smoke, radiation, sunlight, X-rays, herbicides, pesticides, and solvents found in cleaning fluids, paints and furniture polish. These contain environmental toxins that cause damage to cell membranes and make the body more susceptible to diseases such as, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, cataracts, and allergies. Fried, barbecued […]