Alternatives to Dairy

by in Allergies, Dairy Free January 9, 2008

Soy Milk, Rice, Oat, Almond, and Amasake (a cultured rice drink)
Almond Rella*, Lite ‘n’ Free*, Lite ‘n’ Less, Soya Kaas*, Soymage, White Wave Soy-A- Melt*, White Wave Fat-Free* , Lite ‘n’ Free Cheddar*, Lite ‘n’ Less American*, Nu Tofu Low- Sodium Cheddar*, Nu Tofu Cheddar*, Soya Kaas Mild American Cheddar*, Soymage Cheddar, White Wave Cheddar Soy-A-Melt*, White Wave Fat-Free Cheddar*, Zero-Fat Rella California Cheddar*
Spectrum Soy Margarine
Natural Food Store Soy Bean Margarine
Safflower Oil
Olive Oil
Nut Butters such as cashew, tahini, etc.
Coconut Butter (Omega Flow)
Ice Cream
Rice Dream or Soy Delicious Ice Cream
Fruit Sorbets without dairy
Fresh or Frozen Fruit Smoothies
Juice Popsicles
Soy Yogurt
Soy Mayonnaise
Spectrum Canola Mayonnaise
Nasoya Soy Mayonnaise
Cream Cheese
Lite ‘n’ Less*
Nu Tofu*
Sour Cream
Tofutti Sour Supreme
*Contains casein, a protein found in cow’s milk. Those with a dairy protein allergy must avoid casein. Individuals with lactose intolerance can consume the dairy-free products with casein, while avoiding lactose found in dairy foods.

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