Alternative Medicine Treatments for Mouth Sores

by in Canker Sores, Kitchen Sink January 10, 2008

Mouth ulcers are an extremely common condition, estimated to affect 20 percent of the population. These single or clustered, shallow, painful ulcers are found anywhere in the oral cavity (mouth). Lesions are from 1 mm to 15 mm in diameter, have fairly even borders, and are surrounded by a reddened border and are often covered by a white membrane. They usually resolve in 7 to 21 days
The cause of recurrent canker sores appears to be related to food sensitivities, stress and/or nutrient deficiency. No single factor is known to be responsible for the initiation of mouth ulcers, therefore, addressing all the possible causes is highly recommended.
• Food sensitivity – The oral cavity is the first site of contact for ingested and many inhaled allergens. A diet eliminating allergens has been shown to have good therapeutic results.
• Gluten – Another possible factor with recurrent mouth ulcers is sensitivity to wheat gluten found in wheat family grains. Withdrawing gluten from the diet has shown positive effects in some patients.
• Stress – is a precipitating factor in recurrent mouth ulcers, suggesting a breakdown in normal host protective factors, and therefore increased development of allergies. There is also evidence that some patients with recurrent mouth ulcers are deficient in iron, folate, vitamin B12 and zinc or a combination of these nutrients.
The diet should be low in animal products and high in complex carbohydrates as well as free of known allergens and all gluten sources.
• Vitamin C
• Zinc picolinate
• B vitamins
• Mixed bioflavonoids: Flavonoid compounds which are largely responsible for the color of fruits and flowers in plant life have been shown to be effective in the treatment of canker sores by inhibition of allergens and by strengthening connective tissues.
• Folic acid
• Multiple vitamin and mineral product

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