Maintaining Acceptable Blood Sugar Levels

by in Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Weight Loss January 10, 2008

PhotobucketWhat are blood sugar levels?
Meals or snacks contain carbohydrates that are broken down into glucose and absorbed into the blood. When too much glucose enters the blood at one time the body may not be able to handle it. This could cause high blood sugar levels, or hyperglycemia. If blood sugar levels are too high, the body may overproduce insulin in order to get the excess glucose out of the blood stream. With the body’s attempt to adjust to high blood sugars, an overproduction of insulin could occur resulting in hypoglycemia.
Managing blood sugar levels:
Fats, protein and complex carbohydrates that are high in fiber, help to slow the absorption of glucose into the blood. Eating meals and snacks that combine these three types of nutrients will help your body to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Distribute carbohydrates evenly throughout the day. Have three meals and snacks as indicated by your nutritionist.
Other Helpful Hints:
• Physical activity will enhance blood sugar maintenance. Even a brisk walk is helpful.
• Increase consumption of whole foods, this will give you more fiber.
• Highly refined and processed foods usually contain excessive sugar and salt.
• Limit alcohol and caffeine containing beverages.
• Learn to read labels and ingredients carefully. Be aware of foods with high concentration of sugar, such as fruit juices and sodas.
• If you are overweight talk with your health care provider about a sensible plan for reducing. Losing weight will help maintain your blood sugar level.
• Unsweetened tea or coffee, or artificially sweetened beverages or sweeteners such as Nutrasweet or Sweet’n Low do not raise blood sugar levels, but they are low in nutrient value and may not be a healthy choice.
• Consult with your health care provider for other possible therapies, such as nutrient supplements, adrenal gland support, and assessment of possible allergies/food sensitivities.

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