No More Peanuts?!!!

by in Allergies, Peanut free January 10, 2008

PhotobucketPeanuts are a major allergen. Peanuts (often in the form of peanut butter), because of their widespread use in the American diet, create health problems for many children and adults. Secondly, the aflatoxin content (mold common in peanuts) of peanuts is known to be a cancer-causing agent to the liver when eaten in large enough quantities. In addition, many of the most popular peanut butters contain sugar and additives, that may cause other health problems.
Use Other Nut Butters Instead:
Nut butter is ground and roasted nuts or seeds. No additives are necessary, although some producers add oil to thin the product. Refrigeration is suggested after opening the seal. A variety of these products can be found at local food co-ops. More common butters, such as almond, are becoming available at local supermarkets. Other choices include cashew, hazelnut, sesame, pecan, and sunflower. These are available at co-ops, but you can make your own at home from any nuts or seeds.
Any nut butter can be used to replace peanut butter in sandwiches, sauces, spreads and salad dressings. When using a recipe that calls for peanut butter, simply replace it with any other nut butter, using water to thin it if necessary.
Alternatives to peanut butter include: Almond butter, cashew butter, and sesame butter.
Presentation is important when trying to get your child to eat a new nut butter. Let them choose which new butter to try. Pick a new one each week until you find one that works. Experiment and give it a chance. Suggestions:
1. If you want to thin out nut butter, try mixing it with water, dates, or a little honey.
2. Blending nut butter with tofu gives it a fluffy appearance.
3. Try nut butters on rice cakes with a little honey, on carrot or celery sticks, or on an apple wedge.
4. Creativity and perseverance will produce a delicious and practical alternative to peanut butter.

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