Managing Hypoglycemia

by in Hypoglycemia January 15, 2008

The main treatment of hypoglycemia is the use of diet to stabilize blood sugar levels. All simple, processed, and concentrated carbohydrates must be avoided, while the consumption of complex-carbohydrate; high-fiber foods should be emphasized. Legumes should be consumed regularly and frequent small meals are more effective in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Eat six small meals/snacks per day.
PhotobucketInclude in your diet:
• whole grains (i.e. millet, brown rice, quinoa, wheat, amaranth, rye, barley and buckwheat)
• legumes
• fresh vegetables
• fresh raw seeds/nuts and their butters (i.e. flax, sesame, pumpkin, almonds, hazelnuts)
• garlic & onions
• avocados
• string beans
• Jerusalem artichokes
• fruit eaten in small amounts with protein or complex carbohydrates
• unprocessed soy products
PhotobucketAvoid consumption of:
• sugar in all it’s forms i.e. fructose, sucrose, cornsyrup, molasses, honey, rice syrup etc.
• soft drinks, fruit juices and carrot juice
• excessive protein, especially red meat
• excessive salt
• white flour and products made from it
• highly refined, processed and canned foods including t.v. dinners and breakfast cereals
• tobacco
• alcohol
• caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, drinks, aspirin, bromo-seltzer and excedrin
• Read the labels, or ask for ingredients in restaurants.
Other Helpful Ideas:
• Exercise as vigorously as you can on a daily basis
• If you are overweight talk to your doctor about a sensible plan for reducing your weight.
• If following the above instructions does not sufficiently reduce your symptoms add protein to each of the six meals/snacks you are eating.
• Other helpful ideas: learn visualization/affirmation or meditation techniques.
It is important to keep your hypoglycemia under control because unchecked hypoglycemia may exacerbate pre-menstrual tension, overtax your adrenal glands and eventually lead to diabetes.

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