Butterfish: Better than Salmon?

by in Heart Disease, Omega-3 Oils, Superfoods February 27, 2008

black codYou have probably been buying and eating salmon for years, knowing that its omega-3 fat content is nice and high to help protect you against heart disease. However, have you heard about wild Alaskan black cod (also known as sable, butterfish or bluefish)?

By my book, anything that is known as butterfish has to be good.

This fish can contain as much as 50% more omega-3 fats than salmon and has a very mild flavor (as opposed to salmon which can be too fishy for some tastes).

For anyone who is concerned about fish populations (and that should be everyone who likes to eat fish!) this is an abundant and sustainable fish because it has been well managed.

Author: Dr. Emily Gonzalez, Naturopathic Physician

  1. Black cod is a truely amazing fish. It tastes unbelievable, is super healthy for you (as you mention), and is really easy to cook.

    Because of the high oil content, it is pretty hard to overcook, making it a great choice for someone just starting to cook seafood. In my mind, it responds best to high-heat cooking – mainly on a grill (BBQ) or under your oven’s broiler. Depending on the thickness, about 7 minutes a side should take care of it nicely.

    If you want a change (and something more decadant) then I highly recommend Sake Kasu black cod. This is just black cod that has been marinaded in the sediment of Sake (a japanese rice wine). What results is a wonderfully rich tasting fish (not rich as in fishy – rich as in aromatic), that doesn’t taste too much of alcohol (most burns off during cooking). The natural sugars from the sake kasu also make for great browning of the skin and flesh side too.

    Just my 10c. I was really happy to see someone else post about how great Black Cod is.

  2. I’m not sure where you are getting your numbers from. Whats the PPM. As far the American Heart Association is considered salmon is unmatched with one of the lowest ppm ( .01) anything less than that is considered non detectable which should tell you something …. now butterfish is a cod but they dont specifically have butterfish but cod is .11 also the omegas per 3 oz is not even close to any fish salmon 1.1-1.9 cod .15-.24 the only fish comparable to salmon benefits wise and risk wise is herring .04 with 1.9-2.0

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