Should the Coffee you Drink be Organic?

by in Caffeine, Coffee, Organic February 27, 2008

If you simply think about where most coffee is grown, the argument in your mind against buying organic coffee should dissipate as quickly as a fresh shot of espresso in steamed milk.

Most coffee is grown in third world country environments.

Coffee is also notably one of the most pesticide ridden foods. Although organic coffee might be a tad bit more expensive, I opt to spend my organic dollars on it as it only makes sense to me that one of my main vices be as clean as possible.

Although it would be best for the environment if we all always bought everything organic, I understand that this is not always feasible.

The “Dirty Dozen” are the top 12 most pesticide ridden foods that you should be buying organic.

The card is free to download and also has the list of the top 12 cleanest foods that you can safely buy non-organic.

Simply print the card out and keep it in your wallet. Make some cards as gifts for your friends too.

Teach them how to shop wisely in order to solve frustrating organic produce section dilemmas!

~ Dr. Nicole Sundene

  1. Very interesting. While I have tried to replace some of the items in my diet with organic equivalents, it never occurred to me to think about coffee. I suppose since I consume so much, I better make the switch to organic ASAP (and wean myself off it entirely). Because of pesticides and GMO products, I’d like to be 80% organic by the end of the year.

  2. […] coffee moderately, which means less than every single day, and it is typically organic coffee, as non-organic coffee is likely dirtier than any of the top foods on the notorious “Dirty Dozen”….if I must […]

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