Self Help for Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

by in Kitchen Sink April 27, 2008

PhotobucketMost red spots on the eye that appear suddenly are subconjunctival hemorrhages and typically not of a concern as long as it is contained to the white portion or “sclera” of your eye, and you are not having changes in your vision or eye pain.

If you are unsure of the diagnosis you should see your doctor for a definitive diagnosis.

I would eat more blueberries for the 7-10 day period this takes typically to resolve as the proanthocyanin content helps to build blood vessel integrity and should reduce the odds of you having a permanent tiny red mark on your sclera.

A frozen cup of blueberries daily until resolved would not be a bad idea. The freezing process actually increases the bioavailability of the healing pigments from the berries. Proanthocyanins are also found in blackberries, grapes, red wine and red cabbage.

Addressing the cause of subconjunctival hemorrhage may be necessary to prevent future recurrence. High blood pressure, straining with bowel movement, coughing, vomiting, drug or alcohol use may all be precipitating factors.

~Dr. Nicole


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