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by in Stress May 2, 2008

toolbox.jpgRecently I stumbled across an article at The Healthy Living Lounge on how to make a “Wellbeing Tool box”.

I loved the concept so much that I asked the author to write about it for Kitchen Table Medicine.

The following is a very inspiring guest post on self care by Carole Fogarty.

When Did You Become The Least Important Person in Your Life? Have you been feeling out of balance, scattered, stressed, disconnected from the real you or simply pushed around by life?

Creating priority “you time” is the first step towards rejuvenating, nurturing and nourishing your body, mind and soul. You simply need to create small pockets of time throughout your day where you can bring yourself back to your center for balance and healing.

In fact, you can start right now by simply closing your eyes, focusing on your breath, then asking your body one easy question. “What is it that my body needs the most right now?” wait a second and allow your body’s answer to rise to the surface of your awareness.

Small pockets of time throughout your day are all you need to pull your scattered energies back into you, followed by a few valuable minutes inviting balance and healing back in to the present moment.

The Wellbeing Tool box, which I created many years ago out of necessity, is a collection of many simple, natural and holistic healing remedies to bring sanity, balance and healing back in to our busy lives.

All tips and suggestions for the tool box must be simple, very do-able and and offer relatively quick relief for even the most stressed out person. You then can continue adding new tools as well as more and more frequent pockets of your time throughout the day until stress management becomes a natural and effortless wellbeing habit in your life. Yeah!

A Couple of My Personal Favorites:

  • Legs Up the Wall: A very simple and relaxing yoga pose. All you need is a floor, wall, a few cushions and five minutes.
  • Meditation CD’s: A few of my favorites are the Rejuvenation track, running only 3.56 minutes, Tranquility Bay 6 minutes; and Instant Calm and Rejuvenate Your Energy. There are even two free meditation downloads for new mothers called Peace Time and House of Paradise.
  • Hand Yoga: The rejuvenation mudra is as simple as sitting comfortably, placing your hands over your ears and gently circulating in a clockwise direction. You will soon hear the sounds of the ocean. Continue for 3 minutes, close your eyes and feel your body relax.

I will continually add new simple tools to my Wellbeing Tool box at the Healthy Living Lounge so please visit often for updates.

Many thanks for reading my article,


Carole Fogarty is the editor of The Healthy Living Lounge and facilitates regular Womens Rejuvenation Retreats. For free daily health coaching you may follow her on to receive simple stress management reminders and tips to your cell phone throughout the day! A novel wonderful FREE concept for all of us busy everyday people. All you need to do is register for an account and request that your updates are sent to your phone.

Thanks Carole!

An ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure when it comes to stress management. Carole’s concept is great because it encourages us to keep simple stress management tools on hand at all times. What else shall we put in our Wellbeing Tool boxes?

  1. Thanks Carole! I love the rejuvenation mudra! I am going to start doing that one often, because it is so simple and it really shuts all the stress out!

  2. Erin Heckenkemper May 3, 2008 at 10:20 pm Reply

    Awesome! Thanks!!!!!

  3. After reading this post, I find it really useful. I just spend a little while to think what should I do now. I need to pull back my energy and have a balance.
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  4. Thanks for your feedback, greatly appreciated.

    Peace, love and chocolate


  5. Excellent article. I think we all need to take more time out to relax and find time for ourselves.

  6. “Interesting post. Taking stress medications is just one of the fast and easy way out to overcoming stress. Follow these tips at ( and learn how you can manage your stress better and improve your stress level drastically.

  7. Oh, for sure I have been guilty many times of not putting myself first. Afterall, I AM in the helping profession and take time for others more than for myself. However, when it’s all said and done, not caring for myself doesn’t keep me healthy the way I need to be to help others.

    Thank you for this wonderful post. It gives so many great strategies for stress management and a way to take care of number one. At the end of the day, if we can not help ourselves, we cannot help others.

    Dr. KC

  8. I do like the legs up the wall “tool”. I may have to try that one out.

    In my wellness toolbox are my morning consumption of 8 servings of live whole food Instafresh nutrition through our products, The Feast & Beyond Berries. A slew of superfoods, super berries, fruits and veggies. Off the chart antioxidants and tastes great. It is the FOUNDATIONAL tool in my wellness toolbox along with daily exercising, 10-12 glasses of water, and deep breathing exercises.

    Thanks for sharing this blog Nicole.

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