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by in American Sickcare System, Kitchen Sink, Weight Loss May 15, 2008

humanrightsbadge3.jpgChances are if you ate anything today then you are amongst the lucky ones.

Those of us that can still afford food don’t have much of a right to complain about the rising costs of gas and food. Trust me, back in college I knew what it was like to collect a pile of change so I could buy six Top Ramen for a dollar, and then put the remaining $1.87 in my car and hope it was enough to get me home.

The rising costs of food and gas have so many of us stressed right now, but instead of focusing on the negative, let’s take a moment to focus on the positive. If you can actually afford food AND gas then you are officially one of the wealthiest people in the WORLD! That is right. Most people in the world don’t even own cars. If you are reading this off a computer that you own, then you are at the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest population.

“I am too blessed to be stressed.” I often remind myself.

The premier blogging social network on the internet, Blog Catalog, has put together a worldwide event with Amnesty International today called “Blogging For Human Rights”. Thousands of bloggers will be writing about Human Rights today. Since I often blog about food and water, I thought I would take a moment to express some gratitude that my friends, families, patients, and readers even have food and water.

We might complain about BPA in our plastic water bottles, chlorine and aresenic in municipal supplies, and our water maybe isn’t as clean or great as it could be, but we still live in a country where clean drinking water is available free to everyone. People don’t often get sick and die from a contaminated water supply in America.

We are also blessed to live in a country where people can go to a homeless shelter or food bank to receive meals. Many of my homeless patients tell me that they actually eat pretty well most of the time, as long as they are organized and have their spot at a shelter. Also thanks to the “Meals on Wheels” program, sick patients on Medicaid that can’t leave their house can have food delivered to them.

I know complaining about America, our President, the war, the current presidential candidates, food and gas prices are all hot topics right now. But, before you open your mouth to complain about what you don’t like, or what we don’t have, pause and think of all that we are so blessed to have.

“I am too blessed to be stressed.”

We live in a country where the majority of people’s basic Human Rights such as food, water, shelter, and safety are being met. It may not be perfect, there are still plenty of hungry families and homeless starving children in America, but this is still not a third world country. Our country is working hard to keep us and the rest of the world safe from terrorism. Our country is working hard to provide everyone with equal rights. Equal opportunity. The American Dream.

With that being said, if you were lucky enough to eat today then perhaps you might be motivated to make a few healthy changes that could make a difference in your life and the life of another:

  • Pack up a box of food for a family in need or a homeless shelter. Maybe consider getting rid of ALL of the boxed and processed foods in your cupboards and switch to a Whole Foods Diet of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and free range organic meat, if you can afford it. Your body and the environment will thank you!
  • Maybe, just maybe you could start an environmental exercise program and just walk or bike more for transportation, think of all the money you could save on gas to donate to your favorite Human Rights organization!
  • Perhaps you could just quit drinking coffee and start sponsoring an orphan in a third world country, for that “price of a cup of coffee a day”.
  • Maybe even think about kicking that EVIL diet pop habit and donate the money to a person in need that cannot afford to buy pointless food with no nutritional value that is systematically destroying their health.
  • Why stop there? What if we all quit buying empty calories in the form of McInflammation, and saved so much money on our health care issues that we could afford to sponsor an entire village, and pay for all of their college…(ok maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but fast food really is the demise of health care in America).
  • If you want to lose weight, consider giving up dessert and donating the money saved to your favorite charity. Sometimes we are motivated to care for others more so than ourselves, and this is the perfect opportunity to use that paradigm to everyone’s advantage!

Hopefully, if you decide to do anything today in honor of this Human Rights movement, please just take a moment to pause and be thankful for all of the Human Rights that you do have.

~Dr. Nicole Sundene

Naturopathic Physician

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  1. Dr. Nicole,

    What a great post. We are lucky aren’t we? Remembering those who eat the cookies made out of dirt, and the people how don’t have access to clean water is a great way to remind us to count our blessings. Your suggestions for giving up to give to others are superb.

  2. Erin Happycamper May 16, 2008 at 8:40 am Reply

    What a beautiful blog! Too blessed to be stressed! Amen!!!!!

    We have it great here, and don’t realize enough. Thanks for the grounding for such a great cause. Ignorance is not bliss!

    People, you can change the world one person at a time!!! One person CAN make a difference, because there’s strength in numbers!


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  4. What a beautiful article. It is all so true. So many people just don’t truly appreciate what they have. Instead of focusing on what we don’t have, we should be grateful for that which we are blessed and give back to our communities the best we can!

    Now it’s my turn to write an article in support of one of my favorite social networking sites on the net, http://www.BlogCatalog.com!

    Please find my thoughts at:

    Thank you, Doc Nicole, for writing such beautiful truths and giving great suggestions for “giving back”!
    Dr. KC

  5. This is what I have had to eat today.
    Breakfast was 4 cups of black coffee with way too much brown sugar.
    Lunch was homemade meatloaf with ketchup and sourdough bread with a tiny bit of *margarine*, also 2 all natural vegetarian spring rolls. YUM! I had a glass of orange juice and a few glasses of water as well.
    *My question for you is… Have you heard of Shedd’s Wlllow Run Margarine?
    It is supposed to be all natural, lactose and dairy free, all vegetable made from soybeans, and no preservatives. Will it kill me, and how long will it take? I just don’t like butter very much except on popcorn occasionally.
    I think I’ll go read about human rights now. See you later Doc!

  6. I look forward to reading every blog post you publish but I’ve been running behind. As usual I’m a day late and as usual it doesn’t really matter because what you write endures. Thanks for sharing these six healthy changes that could make a difference in my life and the life of another. 🙂

  7. What a pleasant and effective nudge to remind folks not to take simple things for granted. I needed this post. I always come away from your blog with more tools to accomplish more good. Thank you.

  8. Hi Barbara- I think life in America can feel so stressful and overwhelming at times that we forget how much more blessed we are than just about anywhere else in the world. I also feel strongly that it is our duty to embrace how blessed we all are and do that which we can to help those that have so much less than us.

  9. Hi Erin! I am glad this post cheered you up. It is very grounding to remind ourselves of all that we do have. After writing this I decided that nothing that was stressing me out was really worth worrying about. I do try to leave all the worrying in God’s hands though…it is just my job to do that which I am asked on a daily basis. Keeps things simple that way.

  10. Hi Juandy! Thanks so much for the compliment! I will try to stop by your blog tonight when I get some free time and check it out. Thanks for telling me about it 😀

  11. Hi Doc KC- Since you are in the helping profession also you know first hand how much a little bit can make a huge difference for someone else.

  12. Hi Michael- wow I have never heard of brown sugar in coffee. Interesting! Several of my patients have reported that they are using cholesterol lowering spreads and I haven’t had a chance to find any research about it yet. If it is a product for Whole Foods Market or PCC then it most likely is high quality and without “fake food” additives…probably can’t hurt to try though if you are trying to lower your numbers. Otherwise I am a fan of olive oil and/or organic butter rather than margarine.

  13. Hi Timethief- Thanks so much for the compliment. I always enjoy reading you too, and am also behind on all my reading! Oy vei can someone please add some more hours to the day?

  14. Hi Dr. Rob! Gratitude is the best tool of them all…

    Thanks for stopping by 😀

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