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by in American Sickcare System, Kitchen Sink May 19, 2008

editorresearchmedicine.jpgHi Everyone!

Thanks for making this website such a fun project with all your great questions about alternative medicine!

I am actively working to write up the best alternative medicine self help protocols known for common and rare disease states as well as all those questions about annoying health problems that you submit.

Be sure to vote in my poll on the lower right hand side of the site, so you can have your say in what you want to read about!

To submit a question, or an article idea, simply do a quick site search (in the upper right hand corner). You can also click on “categories” directly under it, and see what already exists on “Menopause”, “Diabetes” or “Cholesterol” for instance. If you see the answer to your question… Hooray!!! If you are still in need of an answer, then by all means…send it to me and I will blog about it!

So many people are taking part in the website now that we are actively working to catch up with all the new exciting growth and continue with improving the vision of what we intend to ultimately deliver to fans of naturopathic medicine.

Recently a reader was unhappy about the number of “newsletters” I have been sending out. I understand that might be a problem for some of you and am currently working to find a weekly mailing list option for those that do not care to participate in the daily discussions.

Aside from coaching you in baby steps to be healthier, part of what we are doing here at Kitchen Table Medicine is actively working to create an online alternative medicine data bank of safe, effective, researched, user friendly self help tips that ANYONE can access for free at anytime.

I want EVERYONE in the world to have free access to the “celebrity medicine” ideas that need to be part of mainstream care in order to truly make an impact on the health care crisis in America. I also want to show off Naturopathic Medicine and teach the world what it can do for them.

I am excited to report that after our launch for April 2008 that we had 40,000 page views and over 20,000 unique visitors! Hooray I am already fulfilling my mission of MERRILY spreading the joy of nature cure through cyberspace. We also have had some companies volunteer to sponsor the growth of this site: Green Core by Crystal Cabinets, Green Lighting by Task Lighting, and U-line luxury under-counter refrigerators! Their sponsorship has been very helpful for making recent site improvements, and I would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank them very much!

Simply contact us if you are also a fan of natural medicine and interested in supporting the growth and vision of this site through sponsorship.

Initially, I thought it would be really fun to put a blog together with the advice I commonly repeat to friends and family at social functions so that they would actually have an article to reference after our conversation. I have been told that talking to me is like “trying to get a drink of water out of a fire hydrant” when I answer a question about alternative medicine. Now this blog is a “fountain” of information you can come back to whenever you are ready to take a drink.

Oftentimes, my advice seem simple enough to me, but I realized that it can be life altering for those I share it with. So why stop with friends and family? A lot of what I talk about here on this blog I label “Family Reunion Medicine”, because at my family reunion each summer a group of people will circle around me to ask their questions one by one. For some reason, everyone enjoys listening to ALL the answers even those things that don’t pertain to them. Who knew people other than doctors find disease fascinating!

I am very passionate about what I do, and also VERY opinionated. Many menopausal women at parties love to hear my spiel on natural treatment options for menopause, so why stop with just ten women? With the internet I can now broadcast my latest menopausal tirade to ten thousand pre, post, and peri-menopausal women!

*And the crowd of sweaty hot women in all of cyberspace temporarily stop fanning themselves to cheer*

This blog is great for quickly referencing home remedies for acute illnesses. I can email an article about ear infections to a friend that has a sick baby. Having a blog makes “word of mouth medicine” over the phone and at social functions that much more safe, when I am talking to a friend or family I can direct them to the article they should read.

I encourage my health care colleagues to make use of our “patient handouts” page when e-mailing medical advice, so that they can be more thorough, safe, and effective. E-mail is much more environmental than other patient handouts.

Until I find a better way to organize the archives of articles on this site I thought I would just explain really quick how you can use this site when you are looking for some nature cure advice, a home remedy, a different perspective on your disease, or just a daily dose of me!

You can always use the site search tool in the upper right hand corner to check for a word, disease, herb, vitamin, diet or what not.

Most diseases and common treatments have their own category. Directly below the site search tool is a box that allows you to access these categories. Whether you are looking for information on acidophilus, acupuncture, bladder infections, breast feeding, chronic fatigue syndrome, common cold, osteoporosis, pediatrics, pregnancy, restless leg syndrome, wheat free diet, or what not…you will see it all alphabetically ordered in the categories.

As a reader feel free to suggest a category! We are tailoring our articles to what you want to read.

“Pages” are the most important articles that I commonly reference; and recommend everyone trying to be healthier takes the time to read. If you are looking for a therapeutic diet, check out our diet page to find the best one for you! We have diets for weight loss, diabetes, depression, detox, allergies, cholesterol, candida and much more!

Recently a friend asked me to recommend a weight loss program for her. I conveniently have my program all typed up now, so I could get back to her in a matter of minutes to get her the help she was looking for, this is just so much more efficient!

Please do ask your questions in the comments of that post. I will answer them publicly. Keep in mind, I am only licensed to practice medicine in Washington state and cannot individually address the health care needs of those outside of Washington state. Also, because I am not your doctor, and legally cannot establish a “doctor patient rapport” with you it is important that if you have a question you leave it in the comments section of the article that it pertains to. By doing so you are agreeing to the fact that this is not a private consultation. This is asking a question about a blog article, and receiving an honest answer. A benefit that makes blog reading so much more enjoyable than any other media!

I will do my best to respond to your question in the comments within 24-48 hours. So do check back. If you don’t see a response after a week then please send me a friendly reminder, as I really am doing my best to respond to every reader’s comment.

~Dr. Nicole Sundene

Naturoapthic Physician


  1. Now there is an idea – a post to tell us how your site works…
    Great IDEA!

  2. Hi Benny! LOL well now that the site has moved beyond just friends and family and I have fabulous new readers and friends such as yourself…I thought this might help explain a few things!

  3. Excellent way of informing your current readers and future readers to navigate effectively and get best out of your site in least amount of time. I really like the idea.


  4. Erin Happycamper May 20, 2008 at 12:12 pm Reply

    you are the best, doc!


  5. Hi Dr. Nicole,

    You’re doing such a great job, and your success is proof of that. How smart of you to ask readers what they want, and how to use your site. That just goes to show how much you really care. You’re awesome.

  6. Just stopping by: Your blog looks promising.

    My wife is “doctor Mom” in this family – as was her mother before her. And, one of my sisters-in-law is a ‘real’ doctor (radiologist). With that sort of background, I’ll be wanting to get back this place from time to time.

    Preferably, when I’m more awake than I am now.

  7. Doc Nicole writes with you, the reader in mind. She writes selflessly and with compassion. I don’t think there is a topic that should wouldn’t or couldn’t cover. She even brings in guest writers to add their expertise!

    KitchenTableMedicine will be spoken about on Oprah one day!

    Dr. KC

  8. Dr. Nicole,
    I am constantly amazed at how info you have put on here in such a short amount of time. You are an amazing woman! I think I would be one of those at your reunion just soaking up every word.
    Thanks for sharing with us how to best your site.
    Don’t forget to check out my lastest post via your request. 🙂

  9. Hi guys! Thanks so much for all the great feedback and positivity!

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