Happy Birthday to…Everyone!

by in Discipline, Holistic Nutrition Tips, Sleep, Stress June 9, 2008

innerfabulosity2.jpgEver since med school, I became terrible about remembering birthdays. Becoming a doctor certainly did not make me more thoughtful or provide me with more free time to hand make gifts and such.

So, in order for me to feel all “caught back up” I am going to just celebrate everybody’s birthday today!

Really June is a fabulous time for a birthday party. As a child I was always envious of people with June birthdays. Ponies, balloons, flowers, and birthday cake all look best behind the blue summer sky of June.

What shall you be receiving this year from me for your birthday?

The gift of health of course!

Please accept this Wellness Basket on my behalf:

  • Healthy organic whole foods
  • Exercise and daily movement
  • Time spent outdoors appreciating the beauty of nature
  • Pure clean fresh water
  • Sleep

At first glance it may not seem like much, but the more I work to improve health and prevent disease, the more I have grown to understand that it must be done through the foundations, or pillars of health. Vitamins, supplements, herbs, and other natural medicines although efficacious are not going to be able to compete with any of the items in my Wellness Basket.

Every year I tell my patients on their birthdays to think about “the gift they want to give themselves” this year. The reason for this, is that if want to be just as healthy as you were this year, you have to dig deep and find some discipline to tighten up your routine that much more.

What GIFT would you like to give yourself this year?

  • Exercise
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Healthy Whole Foods Eating
  • Permanent weight loss through adopting better eating and exercise habits
  • Giving up sugar or dessert
  • Adopting a more positive mental attitude
  • Stress management

Remember that if we rephrase healthy living and eating to be a “gift” and not a “chore” then we approach accomplishing our ultimate goal of adopting new healthy habits from a state of positivity that will ensure success.

If you forgot someone’s birthday this year, simply forward them this article titled “Here is your birthday present” with a brief intro such as “Sorry I forgot your birthday this year. Please accept this thoughtful wellness basket I put together personally JUST FOR YOU”. There you go! You are then off the hook till next June. Who knows? Maybe you will save their life with preventative medicine!

I hope that you all have a HAPPY birthday, and a HEALTHY year. Whatever you do…don’t expect anything else out of me till next June. *wink*

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Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table!

~ Dr. Nicole Sundene

Naturopathic Physician

  1. Happy Birthday to you too, Dr. Nicole,

    After I have a piece of cake (I prefer carrot), I’ll get back to sugar reduction/elimination and a regular exercise program.

  2. Well…Happy Birthday to you too!!! Whenever that may be.

    My gift to me will be eating quality whole foods.

    Have a great one!

  3. Thank you so much for this sweet article! And happy birthday to you too!
    I’m going to make my list of what I’m going to do for myself this year based on your suggestions! And another list of what I’d like to do for others!

    Dr. KC

  4. Happy birthday to you, too Doc.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll be regifting, and giving you the same wonderful things you gave me.


  5. Erin Happycamper June 10, 2008 at 1:15 pm Reply

    Happy Healthy (un)Birthday to you, too!


  6. Hi Barbara! Shall we just start a support group for people (ie everyone) that need to exercise and eat less sugar. I will be doing the same!

  7. Hi Lance! Enjoy your gift! And no re-gifting it 😀

  8. Hi Dr. KC- Now let’s not be an overachiever and put too many things on the list! Just a couple 😉

  9. Hi Joe- thank you so much! That was the most thoughtful birthday present ever! You are the greatest.

  10. Hi Erin- Happy un-b-day to you too!

  11. Hey. Great idea. But I usually get presents. 🙂

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