Natural Medicine for Traveler’s Diarrhea

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travelersdiarrheaprevent.jpgWhat can I do to prevent traveler’s diarrhea?

If you are traveling, the yeast Sacchromyces boulardii is the supplement that you should always carry along with you. Trust me, anyone that is sick with bacterial food poisoning or a bad viral case of gastroenteritis will think you are the absolute greatest if you have this natural medicine on hand. You can take it as a preventative, as well as use it to treat a case of travelers diarrhea.

Watch out for a severe case of traveler’s diarrhea though! Most should resolve within 24-48 hours. If you are not getting better, or experiencing extreme symptoms be sure to visit a doctor to prevent complications such as dehydration.

S. boulardii is not only great as a preventative for travelers diarrhea, it is also an important healthy flora researched to fight super infections in the gut such as C. difficile that typically result from the overuse of antibiotics.

Think of bowel flora as a war of good guys against bad guys. The more good guys on board such as sacchromyces yeast, and other probiotics such as various acidophilus or bifididus strands; the less likely that bad bacteria and viruses will be able to take over and make us sick.

Be sure to use a high quality product. My recent review of the literature at Consumer Labs, an independent laboratory tester of supplements, revealed Florastor to be the best brand choice.

Always purchase your supplements from a reputable health food store.

All health care providers in need of quality information about supplements should register for information with to stay on top of the latest research and recalls for natural remedies.

~ Dr. Nicole Sundene

Naturopathic Physician

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  2. That is my dilemma whenever i’m on travel. I always get an upset stomach. Thank you for the tips anyways! Can I buy it over the counter?

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