The Five Best Brands of Acidophilus

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fiveflower.jpgQ. What brand of acidophilus do you recommend?

A. Recently independent laboratory testing on acidophilus products revealed some alarming issues with quality control.

The problem with finding a good quality acidophilus product is all in the packing and refrigeration.

Delivering actual live cultures in capsule form appears to be more difficult then one might think, according to independent laboratory evaluation of popular products at

The following are my top picks for acidophilus and bifidus, known collectively as “probiotics” or “the good bacteria” that help digest our food, metabolize hormones, and make vitamins.

Most of these are available at a high quality health food store, or through your local Naturopathic Physician. Be sure they come refrigerated, and that you keep them refrigerated.

  • Jarrow… My fav over the counter vitamin brand.
  • Enzymatic Therapy Pearls.
  • Pharmax (usually only available by prescription).
  • Kyodophilus.
  • Culturelle by Allergy Research Group.

Until more research supports the safety and efficacy of other brands, I will be sticking with these five for my main recommendations. Always make sure you buy probiotics that are refrigerated. Non-refrigerated products are the first red flag for poor quality. Keep your probiotics in the refrigerator after opening.

When to use acidophilus: After a course of antibiotics. Or as preventative to developing a yeast infection while on antibiotics. If you are doing both simultaneously take at a two hour separate window. Broad spectrum antibiotics kill off the friendly flora growing in our bowel.

Contraindications for acidophilus: Acidophilus should not be used by those with compromised immune systems or digestive functioning. Always consult with your doctor before making changes in your healthcare.

To read more about probiotics and understand their very important role in human digestion you can read “Acidophilus: What is it?”

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table to ask the question!

~ Dr. Nicole Sundene

Naturopathic Physician

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