What is That White Stuff Flying Around?

by in Allergies, Kitchen Sink June 20, 2008

junuary.jpgThe sun is finally shining here in Seattle after a long harsh “Junuary”.

We have endured the storm, and the residual white stuff flying around is actually not snow. Contrary to popular belief we all do not live in a summer snow globe!

That white stuff flying around right now is cottonwood. Although an evil enemy to those with allergies, and the reason so many of us are sneezing right now, cottonwood is a great friend for those with arthritis.

Think of cottonwood like herbal aspirin. Most of the populous species have aspirin like qualities. Traditionally herbalists and Native Americans along the west coast use the sticky resinous buds of the cottonwood plants to make an herbal salve for general aches and pains, disinfectanting and healing wounds.

If your allergies are out of control right now, and you live on the west coast, it is most likely because of the cottonwood and grasses. Remind yourself next May and June to get your preventative plan for allergies together and treat more aggressively during cottonwood season. You can read my full article on treating “Alternative Medicine for Seasonal Allergies” if your allergies are getting to you.

Grass pollens are also high right now. Be sure to wash your hands and face often throughout the day to remove pollen, especially when returning indoors.

Now is the time to increase your quercetin, vitamin C, and freeze dried nettles if you typically use them.

Thanks for stopping by my snow globe…er kitchen table!

~Dr. Nicole

Naturopathic Physician


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