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kc.jpgEditorial Note: Please welcome to the kitchen table a very dear friend of mine, guest author Dr. KC Kelly, licensed psychotherapist…

Hi! I am KC Kelly, Ph.D., LMHC and I was invited to introduce myself here at one of my favorite alternative medicine and health care informational websites, Kitchen Table Medicine. I’d like to share with you what online counseling or psychotherapy (also called E-therapy) is all about and what I have to offer at

Millions of people search the Internet every day for total health care information. Now, I have embarked on a whole new frontier of offering a single place to find a plethora of mental/emotional health information including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, relationship issues, self esteem, stress management, time management, and so much more! I also offer online counseling or therapy! One click to takes you to a safe and comfortable place where all your mental/emotional health needs can be met!

Before you go there, please allow me to share with you, who I am and some facts about online counseling or therapy.

First of all, one of the most important factors to consider when entering into therapy or counseling is the relationship you have with your therapist. A special kind of trust and rapport needs to be present or the therapy will not be successful. Not every therapist is for every client and visa versa and that is why it is imperative that you “interview” or get to know your therapist before beginning a therapeutic relationship with him or her.

At, I give you the opportunity to read a multitude of articles that I have written on a vast amount of topics so that you can get to know me, how I write, and how I work with clients. I write one article/week (sometimes more) and try to write based on the information that people request. I encourage my readers to comment on all my articles and I answer each and every commentary. I invite you to visit my blog and see what you think at

The next step is to understand that E-therapy directly addresses a major problem uncovered by the Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health (1999) which stated that while one American in five has a diagnosable psychological problem, nearly two-thirds of them never seek treatment. Online therapy or counseling should be for mild to moderate concerns or issues you may be having. Online counseling or therapy is a great way to discuss issues, find solutions, and find ways to change your life for the better!

What Dr. KC’s online counseling or therapy DOES provide:

1. Therapeutic help from a professional, caring, compassionate, and understanding therapist who puts YOUR needs first without an ounce of judgment
2. The ability to get to core issues more quickly, sometimes in the first lines of an email
3. Complete confidentiality and ability to keep 100% anonymous (discussed in disclaimer)
4. Convenience of never needing to leave your home and reaching out when YOU want to
5. Affordable low cost services HIGHLY worth the small investment (it’s YOUR health!)
6. Quick, solid, informational, expert and thoughtful responses to your issues and questions

What Dr. KC’s online counseling or therapy DOES NOT provide:

1. Help for severe crisis situations- It is not that Dr. KC does not work with crisis situations (in person); however, when someone writes in online for help with a crisis, he/she is urged to please call 911 or a crisis hotline for IMMEDIATE help.

Thank you to Kitchen Table Medicine and your readers for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and to share a brief understanding of what online counseling or therapy involves. I hope that you will visit me at for more detailed information.

If you are having concerns, it is OK if I’m not the one helping you; however, I do urge you to reach out and ask for assistance! Someone is there to take your hand and help guide you to a better, happier, and healthier life. YOU’RE WORTH IT!

~Dr. KC

  1. Welcome Dr. KC

    I swear, this blog has the prettiest group of female authors I’ve ever seen. If the guys ever start talking about this site, your traffic will skyrocket. 🙂

    You go girls. Female bloggers rock!

  2. A very nice write-up Dr. KC! It’s always a pleasure to read what you have written, and now I get to hear a little more about what you do.

  3. Dear Barbara,

    Thank you so much for your comment! It’s an honor to be welcomed here at Kitchen Table Medicine and to be asked to be a guest poster.

    The wonderful group of professionals here all do our very best to work together to provide valuable information to all.

    Doc KC

  4. Dear Lance,

    Thank you! I’m thrilled that I can bring you great information and hope to continue to do so at DOCintheBiz as well as here at Kitchen Table Medicine!

    Doc KC

  5. Dr. KC knows her stuff!

    Dr. KC, I really like how you provide the online help so people can get confidential help that they need without leaving their home. I know more people are willing to get this help because it is so private. Thanks for what you do.

  6. I have multible sclerosis I was diagnosed secondary progresive M. S.1971
    walking on zimmer frame round house out doors scooter.quite stable eat
    healthy diet. take no doctors tablets neaver have.I do take herble tablets.
    Thank you for writing about M.S.what vitamins to take vitmin D I will take
    I do take B12 1000mg in tablets. thanks susan

  7. Thank you so much, Jennifer. I appreciate your kind words so much!
    Doc KC

  8. Online therapy (e-therapy, cypbertherapy, online counseling) is becoming more and more mainstream. The more accepted the idea becomes, the more benefit to people who would truly benefit. People with diabilities and people in rural communities are but two groups that utilize online counseling because of the convenience. Thanks for bringing this method of delivering counseling to the forefront! DeeAnna Merz Nagel, LPC

  9. Great information. On line therapy is definitely the wave of the future.
    Glad I found you! Lawerence

  10. Any friend of Doc’s is a friend of mine. Your blog is very well written Dr. KC, I enjoyed my visit.

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