Dairy Free Latte Recipe

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Perfect Dairy Free Latte Recipe

  • 2 shots of organic espresso
  • 1 cup heated vanilla (or chocolate) Almond Breeze
  • Pour in a large mug and enjoy!

Calories: 110

Okay you caught me. I drink coffee. Feel free to report me to the naturopathic police, but I do drink coffee moderately, which means less than every single day, and it is typically organic coffee, as non-organic coffee is likely dirtier than any of the top foods on the notorious “Dirty Dozen”….if I must defend myself. *sigh*

The key to enjoying the occasional vice is enjoying it THOROUGHLY, and in moderation of course. When you actively enjoy it, without all the guilt, you will be less likely to miss it. Also, when we give our favorite vices naturopathic makeovers, we lesson the total load of toxins placed upon the system.

If you have the habit of frequenting your local coffee shop, you will likely save money by purchasing a nice espresso machine and grinding your own organic coffee beans at home.

Everybody raves over my latte recipe, and the secret behind it is actually quite simple. I use vanilla flavored almond milk. From my experiment for the “The Best Non-Dairy Milks”, I have found Almond Breeze brand to be the most delicious. Almond milk has a thicker consistency than rice milk or cow milk. Almond milk is also great for those that are sensitive or allergic to soy as soy is one of the top seven food allergens.

Remember when drinking coffee to also avoid the excessive use of sweeteners and artificial creamers as they are typically full of “Kitchen Table Villains” and not part of our mission here of eating a “Whole Foods Diet”.

If coffee is a daily habit for you, consider cleaning up your daily vice and going organic.

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table!

~Dr. Nicole

  1. Doc you would kill me if you knew my coffee habits LOL

    progress not perfection!


  2. MM- I think I am better off just not knowing! ;D

  3. This sounds delicious–an easy change I can make today. Thanks!

  4. I like your recipes. They are always two ingredients or less it seems.

  5. The recipies you mentioned are really very delicious. Its an easy change I can make today. Thanks. Hope to see such type of recipies again.

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