Resources and Self Help for Multiple Sclerosis

by in Autoimmune Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis September 11, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune condition that attacks the central nervous system.

The attack of the myelin sheath that insulates nerve fibers (pictured) results in the sclerotic plaques that cause nervous system dysfunction.

Without this sheath functioning properly the nervous system is not able to quickly send the electrical impulses that control bodily functions.

Resources for MS:

Self help ideas to discuss with your physician:

  • Vitamin D and B12: Ask your doctor if you can start using these vitamins as they have good research showing benefit for those with MS.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune condition that is exacerbated by inflammation. Most prescription medications work to temper the immune system.
  • Add Omega 3 Oils: For MS I would go straight for the fish oil, as it is the more potent anti-inflammatory of the two. These oils are needed to repair the myelin sheath surrounding nerve fibers that is destroyed by the immune system. The nervous system then has to create connective tissue to “repair” the damage and thus we end up with the “sclerotic plaques” that show up on MRI’s.
  • Reduce Stress: Stress exacerbates all chronic disease, try deep breathing and reduction of activities and demands until your symptoms are under better control.
  • Quit Smoking! The most important thing on this list to reduce the inflammatory burden on the system. Smoking causes cancer because it causes reactive oxygen species known as “free radicals” to attack healthy tissues and destroy them.
  • Join a support group: You can join the MS community over at Daily Strength to find other people challenged by this disease.

Although I have suggested some diet and lifestyle self help ideas, any chronic disease diagnosis should have an alternative medicine expert such as a licensed naturopathic physician on your team. Please don’t try to do it all alone.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any additional questions by adding them in a comment to this article.

~Dr. Nicole Sundene

  1. My daughter was diagnosed w/MS in 1996 and we were devastated. For a time she went down hill, but she is now doing fine after getting on a very stringent high quality pharmaceutical nutritional plan. It not only included Vit. B & D and the Omega fatty acids but also the highest quality of Grape Seed extract which helps to break through the blood brain barrier and helps to heal the myelin sheath. Now, you would never know she has MS. Thanks for the information….Blessings.
    Joyce Jacobsen

  2. Hi, I wondered if you may like to add the Multiple Sclerosis Resoure Centre – to your MS Resources List?

    Our MS website has over 3000 pages of MS related information and we produce New Pathways Magazine.

    kind regards

    John Habkirk
    MSRC Webmaster

  3. This article is sooo true. I am now sending you the power of happiness, prosperity, and love.

    Mental Perception

  4. My friend with MS will really appreciate this. I swear I have to send every article of yours to someone I know.

  5. Hi Squiffy, thanks for stopping by to leave your website. It looks like a very helpful resource and support hotline. Anyone else with useful links is invited to leave them here and I will edit them in to the post.

    Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table 😀

  6. Hi Joyce, that is such great news! I have seen many people turn around using a sensible diet and nutrition approach in conjunction with the right medication regimes when needed. There is really a lot of great promise for those recently diagnosed with MS and it doesn’t have to be the tragic diagnosis that it once was back in the day. I am really hoping there will be a cure soon.

    Blessings to your daughter and your family. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment!

  7. Thanks Mental Perception, and thanks SA for connecting our site with those that can benefit from it. Much appreciated.

  8. Becky aka Mrs Joe! April 25, 2009 at 1:51 pm Reply

    I would love any and all ideas you have on:

    Getting “feeling” back in severely “reduced-sentivity” areas of the body. For me, it’s especially in the legs, soles of feet more than anywhere else. It has made me strongly consider completely stopping driving, because I know I am a danger behind the wheel.

    I agree with you about how “infected” our produce has become. Because I now have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis for 23 years, and Lupus for 3 years, and now it seems I have Chronic Fatigue (probably just either the Lupus of MS, because both cause fatigue). When I used to take Lyrica, some of my feeling started to come back, but I stopped it due to money considerations. Well, I’m back on it now, hoping I’ll get some feeling (and balance!) back.

    Would you suggest completely avoiding all wheat and flour? I am severely overweight, and it seems no matter now little I eat, or how “fresh” I eat, nothing comes off. It’s so very frustrating! I read your post that mentioned Vitamin D and B12. What would you suggest to someone who already has many “sears” in their myelin sheaths? To look at me, you’d never guess I have MS (and I like it that way!), but I’d love any and all suggestions for changes in my diet that could help.

    Many thanks for any help you can send my way!

    Oh! About good resources, I believe the MSAA Mult. Sclerosis Assoc. of America, 1-800-learn-ms is very helpful to the individual. They provide many things free of charge, including Cool Suits that allow me to get out into the heat without fear of becoming overheated. One just needs a script from the doc, and soon you’ll receive it in the mail, to use as long as you need it. It’s one of the best resources I’ve used in my 20+ years of fighting this “war”.

    Again, many thanks, and I will definitely keep up on your posts from now on! You’re a blessing!


  9. Hi Dr. Sundene-
    I’m a 38 year old female diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS about 15 years ago…Thank God, I am doing very well but I am looking to change my multivitamin (I had been taking prenatals for quite a while).

    I was interested in taking Alive! Once Daily but learned it includes a Mushroom Defense Blend…( a no-no for MS) but had everything else good for MS. Do you recommend any specific MultiVitamin for MS?

    Thank you!

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