Zen Please? 20 Things to do on Your Day Off

by in Holistic Tips, Kitchen Sink, Stress, Zen Thinking September 12, 2008

Hope you all have a great weekend!

The author of ZenPlease has offered some fun ideas for what we can all do with our time off…

1. Head to your local video store and get a movie that fits your genre. Comedy is the remedy; no matter who you are, you’ll enjoy a good laugh!

2. Play some sports! Go swimming or go for a jog. This is the time to work out and sweat it all out.

3. Take a stroll in the park and walk your dog (or your neighbor’s).

4. Read a book, something that will keep you engrossed and guessing – suspenseful plots!

5. Curl up in bed and sleep in, the world does not need you today.

6. Learn how to cook a new dish. It’s going to be fun!

7. Practice Yoga. It relaxes your body, mind and soul.

8. Go window shopping. Take slow strides and just watch everything and anything.

9. Visit a zoo, an art gallery or a museum, these places are really eye opening! Even if you’ve visited before!

10. Call up your long lost friends and ask them out for lunch or dinner, catch up with them since you have the time!

11. Go ice-skating! If you’re a beginner, you’re bound to fall. But who cares?

12. For non-golfers, head towards the nearest driving range and swing at them golf balls.

13. Play some Sudoku or Crosswords, challenge yourself and see how hard it is for you.

14. Go bowling and just smack it! It doesn’t matter if the bowling ball goes down the drain!

15. Find some place peaceful and secluded and watch both the sunrise and sunset of that day! If you can’t find a nice spot, the roof is always a good option.

16. Go scuba diving, the experience of swimming with fishes is really nice. Carefree.

17. Ride a rollercoaster and scream your lungs out! The first ride is something you’ll remember for life!

18. Take random photos. Just pick up your camera and start clicking but make sure you take pictures of the outdoor!

19. Treat yourself to a health spa. Extremely stress relieving…

20. Look around you and see what’s happening in your community. Join a club or an event and try new things!

For the enthusiastic but constantly held down individuals, this is the time for you step up and try new things! Take a walk on the wild side! And as for those who would rather play it safe and take each day as it comes, today is the day you give yourself a chance to let go!

No matter what you do, as long it is comfortable for you, it will be enjoyable. Do it with the ones you love and it’ll be even more exciting! Have fun!

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  2. i like 20 the stuff can do wonders

  3. What a fun list!

  4. Shoot staring at a computer and IMing my friends all day is not on this list! I guess I need to get out more. Fun ideas. Thanks.

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  6. on day off usually i take a long sleep and play with my child
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