Editorial Note: The Kitchen Table is Popping!

by in Kitchen Sink October 24, 2008

Just wanted to “pop” in and give everyone an update about the latest with Kitchen Table Medicine.

We are now officially an online magazine, so please stop by the home page and check out the beautiful new magazine theme courtesy of my dear friend Chris Ruddlesen. Also visit the newly updated authors page to see all the fresh holistic perspectives that will be leading future mind/body/spirit discussions at the kitchen table.

I remember back just a year ago when I set up the website I had about 6-10 lonely page views a day. I would wonder who these readers were…until I sadly realized they were just me making edits… 🙁 Back then I was writing my heart out and no one was even reading it! Now we have over 6000 to 10,000 daily page views AND 40,000 hits a day! The site has far surpassed my initial goals and I am absolutely delighted to see such an interest in naturopathic medicine.

Kitchen Table Medicine is now the 189,000th most popular site on the internet which may not be that impressive to you until you think of the BILLIONS of websites out there. We are also now in the top 0.19 percentile of the MOST POPULAR blogs in the world, and have consistently been featured as one of the most commonly read blogs at the #1 blogging network on the internet–! Stanford University has also asked to feature our content at their preventative wellness site

I am delighted to report that articles from Kitchen Table have been repeatedly featured on the front page of the premier wellness site for health bloggers, and we have spent a great deal of time on the front page of the #1 social news site on the internet.

Wow people really love our healthy news you can use! Thanks so much for all the Fan Mail 😀

As far as visitors go, I have learned that traffic on the internet is a lot like making popcorn. You have to be patient. Whether you are warming up your popcorn machine or turning on a brand new website you have to wait around a bit feeling hungry and hopeful for that corn to start popping. You get a few initial exciting “pops” here and there and continue to wait in anticipation. Eventually things really get popping and sometimes the bowl fills over!

Well the bowl has filled over three times now at Kitchen Table Medicine!

What this means is that I have had to upgrade the website three times to manage all the traffic we have been getting. Even our fantastic GREEN host, Dreamhost is impressed! Our new GREEN host means that we are officially a green website!

Really it is unbelievable that just one popular article on olive oil actually shut my site down for over a week. I had no idea people loved olive oil so much! TWENTY THOUSAND PAGE VIEWS IN A DAY! WOW!

The now “popping” popularity of Kitchen Table has been an ongoing source of inspiration for me, and I really don’t think I have EVER worked so hard at anything in my entire life. Not even when I was working 100 hour weeks between Bastyr and Virgina Mason. I literally work until the wee hours of the night editing errors and answering questions. I am so glad to receive emails of thanks from readers hungry for this kind of information and grateful for the easy access to naturopathy online.

In the past year, I have learned a great deal about how the internet works, HTML code, graphic design, FTP, and webhosting—ultimately realizing that there is a great deal of complexity to online content publication. It really isn’t as simple as it looks.

Although there is the fantastic advantage to rapidly getting information to you, there is still a great deal of upkeep on the back end. But, I am learning and have actually helped a few friends launch their professional blogs, like my friend Dr. KC at

Right now I am still busily working to go through the site and fix errors that have resulted from the upgrades and correct the mistakes I made early on when posting articles. If you find any pages that look bad simply copy and paste the URL and email it to me or post it in a comment on this page. I always appreciate your feedback on this new project.

In the interim I have invited some very special expert guests to the kitchen table and I hope you will enjoy the wisdom they have to offer. Dr. Benjamin Lynch of has volunteered to help me answer reader questions, and we will soon offer that feature again. His diverse expertise on Environmental Medicine should provide Kitchen Table readers with an enlightening GREEN perspective about their health.

Thanks for your patience, support, and encouragement!

Be Healthy & Enjoy Life,

Dr. Nicole

Special thanks to our sponsors: Crystal Cabinets, Task Lighting, and U-line for supporting my mission to makeover all the kitchens in America and make them WHOLE FOODS HEALTHY!

  1. Wow Doc your new site looks simply delicious! I could eat every single page! Thanks for all your hard work, I have noticed a gradual improvement in all my health problems just from the diet changes alone.

    Looks like you have put together an amazing team of writers. Look forward to more.

  2. Thanks Robert! Appreciate all your support and kind words. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment 😀

  3. I love the new look here Dr. Nicole! You have great stuff, and that’s why you’ve found such success here. Here’s to continued success for you!

    Lance’s last blog post..Life Balance: A Very Personal Pyramid

  4. Looks FAB Doc! Great work!!! Love, love, love the new site. Thanks for all your hard work and for changing my health for the better.

    Miss Matchmaker’s last blog post..Unconscious Communication

  5. Wow the site just keeps gettting better and better! Love the bright green and beautiful nature pictures. You have such an eye for photography! I have my entire office set so Kitchen Table is the home page now–everyone here just loves the easy recipes and simple daily tips. We are all striving to be healthier while enjoying life. It really feels good to know these things.

    Thanks Doc!

  6. Thank you Doc!

  7. p.s. when are we going to co-write that blog I have been wanting to do on sex and brain chemicals released! I think all of our readers would enjoy that one! Mind, body and soul good doctor…practice not perfection!

    And for old times sake IFLYDN! (edit if you want,,,)


    Miss MatchMaker’s last blog post..Unconscious Communication

  8. I just caught your twitter post, so I headed right over. Bravo. What a top notch job of putting this all together. Very easy on the eyes and with so much excellent information.

    Thank You Doc!

  9. Awesomesauce! I like the new look and super congrats on the success of this site. It is no small feat to get on the FP of Digg, be quoted, linked to, and generally all that we bloggers do behind the scenes.

    Congrats on a job well done!


    Missy (from Groovy Vegetarian)’s last blog post..How Did YOU Get Turned On To Vegetarianism?

  10. Good going Dr. Nicole; glad to see someone in a health-writing biz is making it good. What’s now, a book deal? 😛



    Rain Gem’s last blog post..The Kitchen Table Medicine just got Better – Dr. Nicole’s Tour de Force

  11. It all looks fabulous! Congratulations on your continuing success! It’s no wonder your blog continues to be more and more popular — the site is beautiful and the content is fantastic 🙂

    Kat’s last blog post..Kat’s Healthy Living

  12. This is so incredibly exciting! I love the new site and look forward to seeing the future of this place you are working so hard on.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..It’s Your Choice….

  13. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! You are really doing such a great job at making health appealing, fun, simple to follow. Thanks Doc! Congrats on the success you deserve it! Now maybe time for a break? All work and no play…

  14. Hi Dr. Nicole – What fabulous news. You’ve come a long way in a short time and with all of the work you’ve put into this site, you deserve it. You home page is beautiful, your articles continue to be filled with value and as always, you stand behind your words. This is awesome, totally awesome.

    HeeHee – Remember when you were a “new blog of the week”? Who knew in less than an year you would hit these heights? I did, and I think you did, too. You had a dream and you’re living it. I wish you all of life’s best.

    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..It’s All About Me – Part 3

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