Fitness: How to Get Motivated!

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Do you ever fall off the wagon with your exercise routine?

Do you feel like you should be exercising but just don’t have the motivation to get started? If so–this post is for you. I chose one of the most MOTIVATING people in fitness to interview, Kelly Olexa the author of “Aim High”.

The following are Kelly’s best tips on starting a new fitness program, staying motivated with your current fitness program, as well as her best exercise tips and tricks!

I hope Kelly’s infectious enthusiasm will be the cure for stagnation across the nation. Read this and then GET MOVING PEOPLE!

Kelly, what are the best ways to motivate someone in to starting a new exercise routine?

To motivate someone to start a new exercise routine, it is critical to first create the right mindset and establish your goal. To do this, one can consider three questions:

#1 If I knew I could not fail, what would I change about my body?

#2 Doing what I am currently doing (eating the way I do, exercising the way I do), will I achieve that goal?

#3 If not, am I willing to do whatever it takes to reach that goal, knowing that if I do the work, I WILL SUCCEED? Once you have that mindset, once you see what you really want, then you develop an Action Plan that maps out how you will achieve the desired results. Taking that “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” and breaking it down into “bite-sized” pieces can be very motivating in itself – because it is easier to see yourself walking down the block first, as opposed to running a marathon. BELIEF in yourself and your capability to achieve your goals is likely the most critical predictor of success.

What keeps you motivated to exercise?

Continually keeping my eye on my goal is what keeps me motivated. To do that, I must continually “feed my brain” with reminders of my goal; whether I focus on pictures of a physique I aspire to, stay actively engaged with other like-minded individuals, read motivating books, watch inspiring movies, etc. If you don’t continually re-focus on your vision, you can lose sight of the goal altogether.

When did you become interested in fitness?

I honestly first became interested in fitness after seeing the movie “Truth or Dare” with Madonna. Seeing her chiseled physique, I knew that THAT was what I wanted to achieve.

Describe your typical work out week:

It has been a continual evolution, but presently I train 6x a week, about 2 hours a day. I weight train first for an hour followed by cardio for fat loss. The cardio is alternated by HIIT one day, then slower steady cardio the next and so on.

What are the 5 simplest fitness tips for busy people to work in to their day:

In this day and age, we are ALL busy. Whether you work or not, have kids or not – that is irrelevant. These are FACTORS to consider, yes, but not EXCUSES to bail out. There is a wealth of information available and myriad different workout programs anyone can follow. They do NOT require a huge investment in time. If you have DESIRE, DEDICATION AND FOCUS, you can do it. So, my 5 tips for busy people:

#1 Set aside one day a week to pre-cook healthy food. Make enough for a week and store in containers for easy packing. PACK YOUR LUNCH. This will save you time and money.
#2 If at all possible, squeeze in your workout in the morning or on your lunch break. It is very easy to be run down and tired at the end of the day. I’ve switched my routine to lunchtime workouts and it made a huge difference!
#3 Squeeze in activity everywhere; take the stairs, park your car farther out, take 4 10-minute breaks a day and do some simple bodyweight moves in your office. It’s easy and it all adds up!
#4 Drink water all day. As you chug the water, you will FEEL healthier and you’ll be WALKING to the restroom more!!
#5 If you watch TV EVER, that is time you could dedicate to working out. If you really want to watch TV and haven’t worked out, do some situps/pushups during the commercials.

What motivated you to start your fitness blog, “Aim High”?

I had been working out on my own and wanted to take things to the next level. I’d been reading other fitness blogs and found myself learning much from them. But mostly, I started my blog for ACCOUNTABILITY. I thought, even if just my good friend Sherry is reading this, who cares? The “world” can see that I am saying this is what I am aiming for, and that accountability is a HUGE HELP!!

If you had only 20 minutes to exercise every day…what would you do?

This is easy. I would do a Circuit Style workout (like Red Carpet Ready or Turbulence Training) which combines weight training and, because you move so fast and don’t stop, you elevate the heart rate and get in a great cardio workout also!

What is your best tip for staying motivated with your exercise routine? Accountability & Support.

For me, when I started my blog, it opened up a whole new world of like minded friends and a SUPPORT network of men and women that constantly encourage me and build me up. A MUST HAVE!!!!

Thanks for your wonderful tips Kelly! If you would like to contact Kelly for private coaching or follow Kelly’s day to day work out routine and diet to keep motivated simply visit her at

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  1. Wow I feel so motivated! Thanks for this. I need to prepare my food ahead of time and stop buying my lunch out.

  2. Yep. I need to get movin. Thanks for the kick in the pants Kelly!

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  3. I have completely fallen in a slump and needed to read this. I am going to start my running routine again. Thanks for the advice!

  4. This was helpful… I have been in a slump lately, too…

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  5. I’d say get a dog if you need some exercise! I’ve always had one and every day come rain,shine, snow or whatever the elements throw at us (I live in the UK) I take her out twice a day for a walk.

    If I didn’t she would pester the life out of me until I did. It’s a great motivation to get walking and as I live in a hilly area it gives me a cardio work out too!

    There are many dogs in rescue homes begging for the chance of a good home, and some exercise.

  6. Great tips you have here. Motivation is indeed very important for those who wants to start exercising.

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