Why Buy Organic Coffee?

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By Jennifer Abbott

What is organic coffee? Why would you buy organic coffee? Does it really matter? Is coffee good for you or bad for you? These are some of the things we will take a look at in this post.

Often we only hear about how coffee is bad for us, regardless of whether it is organic or not. Some might even say, “If coffee is bad for me anyway, why would I even bother to buy organic? While I’m certainly no doctor, there’s a principle that generally holds true: Too much of a good thing can be bad. Certainly research suggests that there are many health benefits of coffee. We will take a look at just a few of those before moving on to the subject of organic coffee.

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

While there are certainly other health benefits, WebMD list these benefits of drinking coffee:

  • Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes (oddly enough, the more the better for this – so they say), colon cancer, Parkinson’s disease, cavities, and gallstones
  • It can also increase your mood and help with headaches.
  • “Overall, the research shows that coffee is far more healthful than it is harmful,” says Tomas DePaulis, PhD, research scientist at Vanderbilt University’s Institute for Coffee Studies.
  • I’m sure Dr. Nicole could list some more for us, and she even gives us this great latte recipe: Perfect Dairy Free Latte, so there must be something good about coffee!

What is Organic Coffee?

As you would likely expect, organic coffee is coffee that is grown and processed without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Read on to learn the details.

Why Buy Organic Coffee? What are the Benefits?

1. Environmental benefits:

The agricultural techniques used to grow organic coffee need to work with the coffee plant’s natural preferences. Since coffee plants naturally love shade often organic coffee is shade grown and bird friendly. What does that mean exactly?

Shade grown and bird friendly coffee is, as you would expect, grown in the shade. Organic bird friendly coffee is grown under a canopy of rainforest trees. In these trees are numerous varieties of birds that feed off the insects under the canopy so there is not as great of a need for insecticides. Also, the tree roots prevent erosion and leaves from the trees help provide natural fertilizer so there is not a need for chemical fertilizer. In bird friendly coffee growing environments nature remains and the earth unharmed. The main problem with this process is that the natural process takes longer for the bean to mature than the processes which use chemicals.

2. Health benefits:

Coffee farms which use chemicals in the farming process do harvest more beans, but the chemicals strip the beans on the plants of many of their natural antioxidants and health benefits. Chemicals also strip the soil of its nutrients so there are less nutrients going into the plant and thus the bean. So if you want the real health benefits of coffee organic is the way to go. Plus, it helps take away the guilt! Go ahead and enjoy the benefits (in moderation of course).

3. Taste benefits:

If you’ve never had a cup of organic coffee, boy, are you in for a treat! Chemicals not only wash away the nutrients, but they also deplete the tastes. Coffee beans in an organic natural environment mature slowly allowing the taste to fully develop. The result is a rich smooth coffee. And yes, the smell is out of this world!

Top 3 Organic Coffee Favorites:

Dr. Nicole asked me to share my favorite organic coffees from my coffee shop. So I’ll end with my top 3 and why they are my favorites:

Organic Peruvian Decaf. This was the first Raven’s Brew Coffee© I ever tasted. It is very very smooth with just the right amount of sweetness and chocolate. I instantly became a Raven’s Brew organic coffee drinker because of my first sip of this one.

Organic Nayarit Decaf. This soon became my favorite decaf variety. Again, very smooth – silky like feel in the mouth. Hints of toffee with a light citric taste.

Organic Mahogany Sweets. Very smooth, sweet and chocolaty. (In my opinion, chocolate goes with just about everything.) Its description is “certified organic bliss.” I couldn’t say it any better.

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  1. I never thought Coffee’s bad…

    Whats the difference between coffee and tea.

  2. Jennifer! Nice article on coffee – I like it. So, organic coffee, something I haven’t really considered before – now I know what I’ll be ordering next. And I have to agree – chocolate does go with just about anything.

    Lance’s last blog post..At One Hundred, Life Is…

  3. Great post! Thanks for the info! As an avid coffee drinker – I really appreciate the wealth of info here :-).

    I’d drink coffee regardless of what it would do to me, so I’m glad to see there are more healthy options.

    Kat’s last blog post..Is Your Tomato Soup BPA Free?

  4. Yaaaaaaay! I can drink coffee! This is the best news I’ve heard all day. Thanks Jennifer.

    Miss Matchmaker’s last blog post..Unconscious Communication

  5. Thanks Lance. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy organic as your next order. It’s kind of like eating an organic apple for the first time verses one sprayed with chemicals. You never knew an apple could taste like that.

    Kat, glad to provide you with the info. Isn’t it great to know the health benefits of coffee – especially organic. Helps take away that guilt.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..It’s Your Choice….

  6. Thanks for the great post Jennifer!

  7. Miss. Matchmaker, glad I could make your day!

    Jennifer’s last blog post..It’s Your Choice….

  8. Dr. Nicole, my pleasure. Thanks for the invitation!

    Jennifer’s last blog post..It’s Your Choice….

  9. Dosox, good for you. Drink up. Somehow your comment appeared later even though you wrote it before others.

    The difference between coffee and tea… That’s a good question… that would probably take another post to fully explain. The great thing is that both have antioxidants and other health benefits. Maybe that would make a good post, but for now this article does a pretty good job of explaining the health benefits of tea:
    Also, I know Dr. Nicole has some great info. on here about green tea in particular if you wanted to do a search.
    Hope that helps answer your questions Dosox.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..It’s Your Choice….

  10. Excellent article, thanks. It’s true that for a lot of folks, when they think “organic” they think mostly of fruits and vegetables. But the same reasons you avoid chemicals on your tomatoes hold true for coffee. And it’s not just about you and your own body – think of the effects on the growers and the environment, especially considering where coffee is grown. As an added bonus, much organic coffee is also fair trade, guaranteeing a baseline return to its growers.

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