Stress is For Suckers: Free Book!

by in Life Coaching, Stress November 5, 2008

My favorite Life Coach, Tim Brownson has done it again!

His new ebook “Stress is for Suckers” is out– and as a gift to my Kitchen Table readers you are all welcome to access a free copy for the next week! Be sure to get it while it’s hot.

Stress is THE most important lifestyle factor to get a grip on above anything else, and Brownson does a thorough job breaking down and simplifying all the best life coaching tactics for busy people coping with a stressful lifestyle.

Simply visit Tim’s online bookstore and enter the coupon code KITCHENSTRESS to grab your free copy for this limited time period.

Happy Stress Busting Everyone!

~Dr. Nicole

  1. Thanks Doc! It’s about time I got something for free.

  2. I want to echo the Thanks for the ebook. Stress is such an important factor for all we do and it hinders our accomplishments, destroys our health, and kills our longevity.

    Stress is the tool of fear as is lack of self confidence. When we can shake these off Our life would be much better.

    louis jeffries’s last blog post..Best Weight Loss Review – Strip That Fat

  3. You rock Nicole, thanks for organizing this. I’ve just forwarded it onto all my twitter followers.

    Peace, love and chocolate

    Carole Fogarty
    Rejuvenation Lounge

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