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How Sugar Ages Us

by in Kitchen Sink December 23, 2008

I asked the “Sugar Guru,” Dr. Scott Olsen, author of “Sugarettes” to explain how sugar ages us and this was his response: Sugar creates glycated proteins and that means destruction of anything in our bodies that relies on blood for oxygen and nutrients; essentially the whole body. Sugar, though, also seems to increase oxidation throughout […]

The Five Hidden Evils in Nutrition Bars

by in Diet Tips, Exercise, Kitchen Sink, Sports Nutrition, Sugar, Wheat Free/Gluten Free, Whole Foods Diet December 23, 2008

Finding a truly healthy nutrition bar can be tough as I noted in my article, “Zing Bars Awarded Best Nutrition Bar 2008.” I interviewed the makers of Zing Bars, nutritionists Michael Kaplan, ND, Minh-Hai Tran, MS, RD and Sandi Kaplan, MS, RD to help us better understand the following unhealthy red flag ingredients commonly found […]

Zing Bars: Awarded Best Nutrition Bar 2008

by in Best, Exercise, Kitchen Sink, Sports Nutrition, Wheat Free/Gluten Free, Whole Foods Diet December 17, 2008

Have you been searching for the best sports bar? Are you tired of all the refined junk, preservatives and other garbage you have to eat while exercising to make your body healthier? Well as an avid mountain biker and endurance cyclist I have tried nearly every bar in the business, and have finally settled on […]