Zing Bars: Awarded Best Nutrition Bar 2008

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PhotobucketHave you been searching for the best sports bar? Are you tired of all the refined junk, preservatives and other garbage you have to eat while exercising to make your body healthier?

Well as an avid mountain biker and endurance cyclist I have tried nearly every bar in the business, and have finally settled on what I think is the best. Zing Bars!

Congratulations to Zing Bars for winning the Kitchen Table Medicine award for the best in nutrition bars for 2008!

Here is why they are the best:

  • NO artificial ingredients! The founders of Zing Bars apparently were just as sick of all the unhealthy “health bars” on the market and have taken out all the other garbage that pollutes most sports bars and created a delicious whole food alternative for busy people.
  • No corn syrup! Zing bars are sweetened with agave syrup and real fruit juice. “Slow and steady wins the race,” and sweeteners with a lower glycemic index will continuously provide you with a steady energy source.
  • NO cottonseed oil. Anytime you read “cottonseed oil” or “partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil” just run the other way. Zing bars provide healthy fat from almonds.
  • These are whole food, hypoallergenic bars that are not only healthful but delicious! No wonder they were smartly formulated by four nutritionists.
  • They have fiber! Five grams of fiber per bar. This is great news for dieters and those with blood sugar issues as we want to balance everything we eat with fiber to increase the “satiety index” or that feeling of being satisfied. If you are doing the Iron Man or any other long distance endurance event I do advise to limit fiber consumption during the race, so don’t go eating ten of these on race day! But Zing bars are the perfect training treat.
  • These are great for children because they aren’t fortified with a bunch of synthetic vitamin isolates that can overload a young child’s system. Most athletes actually risk “hypervitaminosis” from all the vitamins they consume in their protein drinks, bars, multivitamins, energy drinks, and sports drinks. Nutrition bars don’t need added vitamins if they are made from healthy whole food ingredients.
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  • Two of the bars are gluten free, and all three are wheat free. Wheat is a top food allergen responsible for many bad gut aches in athletes, and gluten is a total gut bomb that should not be included in any bars used for athletic performance.
  • Zing bars are free of soy! Soy gives many athletes a major gut ache just like wheat which is why I recommend whey and rice protein as the most gentle protein sources for delicate stomachs. Zing bars are made with whey protein. Whey is the best protein source for athletes.

HealtheGoods has Zing bars on sale at 15% off for a limited time. You can also stop by for more information about my new favorite thing!

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