How Sugar Ages Us

by in Kitchen Sink December 23, 2008

I asked the “Sugar Guru,” Dr. Scott Olsen, author of “Sugarettes” to explain how sugar ages us and this was his response:

Sugar creates glycated proteins and that means destruction of anything in our bodies that relies on blood for oxygen and nutrients; essentially the whole body.

Sugar, though, also seems to increase oxidation throughout the body. Free radical or oxidative damage is of the theories behind why we age and the popularity behind the taking supplemental forms of antioxidants. The research in the area is a bit thin, but, in my estimation people age faster when they eat a lot of sugar because of this oxidative damage.

Is that enough motivation to cut back on sweets during the holidays? We are aging on the inside and the outside when we eat sugar.

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Dr. Nicole

  1. Hope and peace for this holiday season and for a fantastic 2009!

    Happy Holidays!

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