Natural Alternative to Toxic Anti-Bacterial Products

by in Best, Kat Lee, Kitchen Sink December 31, 2008

PhotobucketUsing anti-bacterial products such as hand sanitizers and soaps containing harmful ingredients (like triclosan) has become commonplace in our world today. As a result we’ve seen bacteria become stronger and more resistant to antibiotic treatment.

The founders of the Clean Well company began looking for an all natural way to kill germs, and found that there are several naturally occurring oils that have antimicrobial properties. After much research and development, they were able to patent a substance they call “ingenium”, a formula of natural oils – mainly thymus, or thyme – that has been FDA approved to kill MRSA (staph), E.Coli, and Salmonella.

PhotobucketThey’ve used ingenium to produce both an anti-bacterial soap, as well as an alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Now I don’t have to spray alcohol on my hands during this time of year when they’re so dry already! The hand sanitizer has such a nice citrus scent, and comes in a spray bottle as well as convenient wipes. Their site includes a handy store-finder so you can stock up!

I had pretty much sworn off sanitizers or anti-bacterial anything until I read about Clean Well. They have used the resources existing in nature to battle germs — and won. Visit the Clean Well website to learn about the sustainability of their products – this truly is a “green” company that any environmentally conscious person can stand behind.

  1. Very cool! As a nurse in an NICU – I would love to get my hands on some of this! Karla

    Shannan and Karla’s last blog post..Scientists Discover How Cranberries Prevent Bladder Infections

  2. Karla, yeah, this is great stuff! There’s a link in the article to a store finder, but I do know that Amazon and Target both carry the product. I bought some at Target – it was with the other hand soaps. 🙂


  3. This sounds like a good idea. Nature has provided us with all we need to stay well and healthy.

  4. Very neat. I’m already customers with a company that uses all naturally derived ingredients. They have a spray disinfectant to clean with made from Thyme oil, but they don’t use it in their soaps.

    I have a question. I heard of a dermatologist that said that basically we antibacterial ourselves to death. In other words, we are harming our bodies natural immunity by killing off all the good bacteria on our bodies with these antibacterial products – killing off the good bacteria that can kill off the bad bacteria. At least that was my take on it. He said the best thing to use was regular soap (non antibacterial) and hot water. I was wondering what you had to say about that? I have used antibacterial products for years now, but have recently switched to just chemical free regular soaps.

    btw – I know someone who was always using antibacterial products – all the time – and she and her daughter now has staph infection.

  5. […] would also go to Target and buy some natural Cleanwell antiviral handsoap and handspray for my family (made naturally from thyme and aloe vera and shown […]

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