Truvia – The Sweet Taste of Sugar-Free

by in Kat Lee, Kitchen Sink, Sugar Substitutes January 8, 2009

PhotobucketI tend to shy away from artificial sweeteners because of the undeniably harmful side-effects they all seem to carry. Even Splenda – touted as “natural” – is nothing more than chlorinated sugar.

I prefer not to ingest chlorine, thank you very much. (And before anyone steps up with the fact that tap water contains chlorine, let me assure you that I’ve taken care of that via my whole house filtration system.)

Chlorine levels commonly found in drinking water have now been linked to certain instances of cancer, which is why I try to avoid drinking it. So I would honestly prefer not to sweeten my food with it.

The only real alternative to artificial sweeteners has been Stevia, which has no side-effects and has been in existence years with no reported problems. My only issue with Stevia is that it tastes “okay”, but not fantastic. So when I heard about a new company, Truvia, who claimed to have produced a more “sugar-like” stevia, I was interested!

PhotobucketThe Truvia company has discovered a way to isolate and extract the best tasting part of the leaf, and turn it into a calorie-free sweetener that is chemical-free. I’ve used it sprinkled over fruit and in my oatmeal and thought it tasted exactly like sugar.

When I tried it in my coffee, it was good, but the aftertaste was almost minty – which was not bad, just odd. (I’ll admit that I put way to much sugar in my coffee – so that may be the issue!)

At any rate, this is the ONLY artificial sweetener that actually tastes like sugar, and isn’t laden with chemicals. That makes it a one of a kind product for those looking for a calorie free way to get their sugar fix.

Here’s a recipe using Truvia courtesy of

PhotobucketPineapple Orange Banana Frostie


1 cup nonfat plain yogurt
½ cup pineapple juice
1 banana
1 cup orange juice
1 cup ice
8 packets Truvia™ natural sweetener


Add all ingredients to blender
2. Blend on high until smooth
3. Enjoy

  1. I just discovered Truvia and it’s really good. I refuse to use those phony sugar substitutes and love sugar in my tea or coffee. Truvia tastes good and the after taste is pleasant and almost minty.

    HealthNut’s last blog post..Japanese Prawn and Noodle Salad Recipe

  2. the minty taste is the erythritol part, not the stevia part. you can buy erythritol (sugar alcohol) separate. erythritol is the ingredient in zweet.

    alee’s last blog post..Japanese Prawn and Noodle Salad Recipe

  3. I have recently seen Truvia being advertised on TV and wondered about it. I’ve been a stevia user, however, like you said, it’s not quite the same. Now that I’ve read this, I’ll give Truvia a try. Thanks for the review and the recipe.

    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..Japanese Prawn and Noodle Salad Recipe

  4. I started using Truvia two weeks ago. Since then I have been experiencing much more gas. I didn’t realize this could be a side effect until I did a Google search. Too bad, I guess Ii will have to try something else.

  5. I had an unpleasant reaction from Truvia too. I suspect it was the erythritol, tho’ it could be the unspecified flavorings added to the product. I use stevia frequently without a problem.

    I think calling Truvia natural is corporate greenwashing. Natural products you could make at home. Also, erythritol is not always the natural version that could be extracted from fruit. Read up on it before you believe the advertising.

    Linilla’s last blog post..Supplements Causing Burning Urine?

  6. I am wondering about your source for the information about Truvia. A friend of mind that used to work for Cargill (which is the manufacturer of Truvia) explained it as not actually containing stevia, and as being created in a lab. Cargill’s involvement alone is enough for me to steer clear of the product (plus I like the taste of stevia), but if you have information otherwise, I would be interested to hear more.

  7. […] you find that you simply cannot do without some form of sweetener, then you can turn to xylitol or Stevia. Of the two, Stevia is much better. Stevia is an herb that has no calories but still has a […]

  8. I got a sample of Truvia in the super market a couple weeks ago, and decided to do a bit a research on it. Of course, I got home and promptly forgot about it, haha 🙂

    Anyway, here’s what I’ve found: Truvia is a product of Cargil, one of the largest and least environmentally or socially sensitive companies on the planet. It was developed in conjunction with Coca-Cola as a new sweetener for like, everything. They’ve received FDA approval, but there haven’t been any long term studies on the effects of large amounts of this stuff in the human system (which, since they want to put it in everything, they need to have, imo).

    They process it by steeping stevia leaves in water to extract the sweet stuff (they call the product of this rebiana). The erythritol is added to bulk the dried rebiana up and produce a table sugar product. The “natural flavors” are added to enhance the sweetness.

    Erythritol is most likely what causes the gas, bloating, and laxative effects in the people who have reported them.

    This product is not organic, or even slightly sustainably grown, and makes no pretense at it. They will be farming it in huge monocultures using plenty of pesticides and fertilizers, in a foreign country where it will be little better than an invasive weed otherwise.

    Taste wise (here is my opinion again) it’s alright, but plain sugar works just fine for me. If I was baking for a diabetic or was one myself, I might consider this, but since those situations don’t apply to me, I’ll pass on this product.

  9. Sara – all of your concerns are legitimate. However, I never claimed that it was organic, green or “all natural”. I was simply happy to find a calorie-free sweetener that wasn’t going to make you grow two heads because of all of the chemicals involved! 🙂

    I would say that plain Stevia is probably the safest alternative – but I’d take Truvia over Splenda’s chlorinated sugar if I had to stick with a sugar-free diet.

    However, like you, my preference is good old fashioned sugar. 😉

    It is not natural, in fact it is created from GMO concentrated chemicals! Just because it is made from plant leaves, doesn’t mean they aren’t concentrated with cancer-inducing spliced genes and pesticies/herbicides! And my father’s a farmer–I know the extent to which big-industry farming uses these UNNATURAL chemical engineering and sprays. Trace the company Cargill and check out this fab website:

    Since starting truvia, I’ve dealt with muscle fatigue and intense abdominal pain, EXTREME carb cravings the moment the chemicals hit my mouth (I freaking ate a whole loaf of bread in one sitting!!! And I haven’t ever binged, but I wanted sugar and carbs so bad I struggled not to binge after using more than 2-3 packets! I’ve also had intense constipation and hard stools, headaches, and felt completely exhausted after usiing despite getting 11 hours of sleep nightly!

    Choose your health. Use real sugar and also avoid the neurological pitfalls that come with tricking your brain of its glucose intact–you mess up your metabolism and adrenal systems–and you WILL GAIN WEIGHT. Check that research too.

    I’m detoxing with Dr. Hull’s advice. There is no need to use artificial sweetener, it only creates the obesity epidemic we deal with today. Check the products you use, Truvia is set to contaminate hundreds of products–including diet coke this year. SCARY! Once I stopped using it, I felt in control of my eating and sleeping habits, energized, and more mentally assertive. Change your life,

    STOP USING THESE BIG-CORP POISONS! …not to mention avoiding the 92 symptoms and mental and physical health diseases they have been linked to. I have a theory my mother is going blind because she drinks 7 diet cokes a day…she had 20/20 vision before!

  11. Sean thanks for your info. We were not aware of this at the time of the product reporting.

    I agree that people should NOT use anything artificial period. Americans are addicted to the sweet and salty flavors and need to enjoy the whole palette of salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and pungent to enjoy perfect health in a Chinese Medicine model. I never use anything to sweeten anything anymore except fruit and the occasional fruit juice. I do like nonprocessed forms of stevia in the interim though while they progress to a chemical free diet.

  12. can diabetics use this ?

    are there any drinks ( cold ) with it used as a sweetener—-aspartame is disgusting !

  13. I’ve never had an adverse reaction to any sugar substitutes including sucralose, aspertame, and stevia, but I developed a host of miserable symptoms from using Truvia including a very itchy rash, an ongoing jittery/disconnected feeling, anxiety, severe sleep deprivation, insatiable carb cravings, nausea after eating, dry mouth, soreness in my neck and back, gas, etc. It took me about 3 weeks to pinpoint the cause of all the symptoms; over the course of which I saw an allergy specialist, and mis-identified a host of other would-be causes including dryer sheets, antibiotics, etc.

    I think part of the reason the cause eluded me for so long is because the timing of the reaction is somewhat delayed. I don’t develop the symptoms until a few days after I have ingested the product, and the symptoms continue to last long after I stop ingesting it (it’s been 4 days since I’ve had any Truvia and I’m still exhibiting symptoms). I don’t know whether my allergy is to the rebiana or the erythritol or both, but my advice to people who want to try it is to try it just once and then closely monitor themselves for up to a week after.

  14. I have used Truvia to sweeten coffee in the morning, without any adverse effects. Last week, I used 8 or 9 packets to sweeten a half gallon of tea. I drank the whole half gallon throughout the day. I began having pains similar to kindey stone pains. The next day the pain was in my back, and lower right abdomen. The pain began to radiate throughout my whole abdomen and back. I went to the ER where they gave me an IV, IV pain relievers, blood work, urine tests, and a CAT scan of my abdomen. They found NOTHING, six hours later, when the pain had subsided a bit, I was released. I came home and got onto the computer, thinking that the iced tea was my only variation from the norm, and looked up Truvia Side Effects….there is a whole list of them, and my experience is not an isolated event. I sent an e-mail to the company, and they called me within 10 hours. They had a nurse, I believe, call me and ask me about every detail of my sickness. Evidently, they get a number of complaints like mine. Since last week, when this happened, I got of over the stomache issues, and now am dealing with insomnia, and head, neck and shoulder pain. PLEASE be careful with this stuff!!!!!!

  15. I have been feeling very tired and almost lathargic. I was also having muscle pain and dizziness and could not figure out what was wrong. Come to find out it’s TRUVIA SWEETNER. Look out it’s not good for you and can cause alot of problems.

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