Amen to the Obesity Tax, Let’s Just Call it Something Else

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PhotobucketBy Dr. Nicole Sundene

Honestly, I’m not sure if the NY officials in charge of the “Obesity Tax” truly intend to call it thus, or if the media has just coined the phrase.

However, there are many more causes than just soda when it comes to obesity. And there are many more ills upon society that soda is at fault for.

Furthermore, beverages with sugar substitutes such as aspartame and splenda (sucralose) also make people fat so those should be equally taxed as the Cephalic Response created by these sweet flavored toxins makes us hungry, which makes us eat more, which makes us fatter.

Also, I would suggest that New York tax juice containing High Fructose Corn Syrup. The only thing that makes me mad about the obesity tax is that it is called the “Obesity Tax.” Why pick on people who are overweight? Poking fun at someone for being obese or “taxing them” is truly unfair and perhaps unconstitutional.

Six Better Names for the “Obesity Tax” Photobucket

#1 The Water Tax: How about just straight across the board tax all beverages that are not plain water? Water is what nature intended for humans to drink after they were weaned.

I wish it was mandatory for all vending machines to sell bottled water at a four time reduced rate than the typical vending beverage. When we see water priced the same as a fruity looking or flashy drink we immediately feel deprived if we pick water, and from a psychological standpoint we all want to get the most for our money.

Not all beverages are unhealthy, but they all still have containers that place an environmental burden on our planet and our seventh generation. I say we tax everything but water, and let water, the “pristine health beverages for all humans”, be tax exempt from this environmental fee.

Photobucket#2 The Dental Carry Tax: Why haven’t dentists spoken up on this issue? I’ll bet we could fund dental coverage (and maybe even some bling diamond grills) for all the kids in America and Africa if we taxed both sodas and refined candies. It’s not just the HFCS in sodas that is the problem; it is the acids that erode enamel, with sports drinks like Red Bull being the worst offenders.

#3 The Diabetes Tax: PhotobucketDiabetics cost the health care system $13 dollars per every $1 dollar that is spent on the average healthy person. Now I don’t need a bunch of hate mail from Type I diabetics, although you all know that you shouldn’t be drinking HFCS either, but people in America are literally drinking themselves diabetic with soda consumption.

It is not normal to drink calories unless you are getting them off your mother’s teat. For everyone else, water and herbal tea should be staples while red wine, organic coffee, and pure fruit juice can be enjoyed in moderation in exchange for their beneficial antioxidants.

Photobucket#4 The Pollution Tax: If you are purchasing a bottle that cannot be recycled or reused then the environment should have the right to tax you!

Plastic bottles in our landfills are a problem that no one within the last century has taken a seriously critical look at. Plastics have really only been on the scene since 1950 and their use has only escalated in the last few decades.

What most people don’t consider with plastics is that we have introduced a new substance into the environment, and in LARGE quantities.

Some constituents such as phthalates, BPA, and other such “xenoestrogens” are already showing carcinogenic qualities as well as issues with endocrine system disruption as their steroidal molecular structure weakly mimics estrogen and thus may be a culprit or contributor to estrogen sensitive cancers.

We are already seeing an increased percentage of females species in smaller species.  Larger species are yet to follow.  As much as I am for equal rights I don’t think that plastics are the best way for women to take over the world!

Think of all the plastic in our landfills that will inevitably break down in a thousand years. The pollution from that will likely wipe out all human existence. But that is just my biochemical and medical opinion…and what do I know after ten years of studying this stuff.

If I get to place a vote on what New York should call this tax, I vote to call it the pollution tax. We need to be drinking filtered water out of our reusable glass jars or Klean Kanteen containers. Photobucket

#5 The Bad Parenting Tax: If you are feeding your kids tons of sodas and hotdogs, and not actual whole food and balanced nutrition then you should be taxed. If you aren’t doing it that often, then you shouldn’t even notice the increased 20 cents on the beverage.

Hopefully this “parenting tax” will go towards better parent education for parents, and television programs that will both educate and inspire parents to provide more wholesome foods for children. It isn’t just about their childhood, you know?

They are going to grow up with the habits that you teach them. The habits they see in you will influence them and they are going to end up a casualty of the American Health Care Crisis, which is actually a problem caused by the food that graces our kitchen tables…or worse yet, our cars and minivans when we drive through.

Photobucket #6 The Health Care Burden Tax: Aside from the aforementioned soda consumption is also implicated in osteoporosis and heart disease.  Two GIANT burdens on the health care system.

Americans are soon to likely overtake Finland in the challenge to become the MOST unhealthy country in the world. I am not sure how it is possible that Finland is more unhealthy than us–what are they chain smoking and chugging lard for breakfast?

I’m not sure, but Barack Obama will never be able to fix the health care crisis until he fixes the crisis at every American kitchen table. What we need is not health care what we need is AFFORDABLE healthy food.  Imagine if the billions of dollars wasted on prescription meds were actually funneled in to healthy eating and nutrition programs for all Americans?

We know diet and lifestyle prevent disease. However, our cheap processed food options limit us from practicing true prevention. The Reason why our healthcare system is in crisis is that Americans eat the cheapest food they can possibly find. Is this just the case in strapped families and broke college students? No. We have CEO’s of companies feeding their kids mac and cheese from a box, hot dogs, and dinonuggets when they can easily afford better.

You are what you eat. Set the example for young children now, as at these rates likely one in three children born today will end up diabetic. Europeans shop from produce stands and local delis three times a week. Americans shop at large Warehouses to stock up on bomb shelter food monthly.

This has to change.

Con’s of the Obesity Tax:

  • Obesity is a clinical term and diagnosis and it is unfair to tax individuals and stigmatize them.
  • The money from the obesity tax will be utilized for balancing the NY state budget and will not directly go towards improving health care, helping obese people lose weight, or anything of the like.
  • Many people don’t believe taxing is the answer.  I’m Swedish so I say tax away! You can feel free to send me hate mail on this one if you wish, but I already get enough.  Trust me.

Pro’s of the Obesity Tax:

  • Makes unhealthy food products less affordable.
  • Media coverage of this tax has brought to national attention the crisis we have with soda consumption.
  • Increased awareness of High Fructose Corn Syrup.
  • Just like the cigarette tax, if it stops just one person from smoking and developing cancer then the tax is a success.  If we educate one person about drinking calories and they don’t become obese and diagnosed with Type II diabetes, then I call the “Obesity Tax” a success.

What are your thoughts on the Obesity Tax?

  1. Erin Happycamper March 3, 2009 at 6:11 am Reply

    omg, Doc! I think this is one of my favorite blogs from you ever! You go!!!!

  2. How about the “Gonna Die Young” tax? Or, better yet, the: “livelife365” tax!
    We all should be taking personal accountability for our eating habits, but in some cases like this, I guess it’s better than the alternative.
    Glad I stopped by…


    mike foster’s last blog post..Social Networking Blues

  3. This is so funny and yet so true … lol!


  4. This is insane!!! The one thing I have actually stuck with is the no soda rule!!! (yet I still smoke lol) Progress not perfection…


    Miss MatchMaker’s last blog post..The Za Za Zoo

  5. This is really an informative blog post….I like it. if you are worried about you weight then don’t worry now is the best solution for your weight….Thank you

  6. I am hardly surprised this idea is being floated, especially when it was predicted by Rush Limbaugh several years ago.

    But, ideas like this just create another relatively useless layer of bureaucracy who’s mandate is to interfere with the freedom of individual members of society. And as with all such bureaucracies, the people running them always look for more ways to justify their existence and bloated salaries.

    We already have institutions created by government to protect people from “bad foods” and they seek more and more to interfere in our lives. For example, the FDA is continuing to seek to take away your right to take dietary supplements. I don’t want the government making choices for me. It is not their place, nor should it ever be.

    The evils of sugar, aspartame, MSG, and a host of other food additives have been known for years. Yet, our government continues to allow them to be sold. So, instead of taxing them, why not just BAN them.

    We had a rebellion over 200 years ago against the British government’s right to tax tea. Let’s not go down that road again.

    Rod Newbound’s last blog post..How To Halt or Reverse Vision Loss

  7. “If you are feeding your kids tons of sodas and hotdogs, and not actual whole food and balanced nutrition then you should be taxed. If you aren’t doing it that often, then you shouldn’t even notice the increased 20 cents on the beverage.”

    LOVE IT! Very wise indeed. Sharing this with my network!

    Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach’s last blog post..A MILLION Glorious Painful Pushups!

  8. […] I explained in my “Obesity Tax on Soda” tirade, the only thing we should typically be drinking is WATER. Soda made with sugar is poison. […]

  9. all things need to be calculated for their cost to the environment:

    processed food
    the space you take up on the road (including following distance!)

    maybe we should just give the natives back their land… i think we broke it.

  10. I’d like more info on which way of eating would be best for me. I’ve tried so many different ones, but because of food allergies (sensitivies) I’m always limited in what I can eat. I’d also like to know what the best diet is for those that have acid reflux, which my sister has at the moment.

    Thank you.

    • Hmmm sounds like everyone needs some Gut Healing…. I will have to write about that. My pet peeve with food allergies is eliminating the food without fixing the problem. Obviously anaphylactic allergies rarely are outgrown except in children, yet with proper gut healing herbs and nutrients such as L-glutamine the fuel to the enterocytes….cells lining the gut….the cause of the food allergies is more addressed, with the ultimate cause typically being constipation or diarrhea and stress.

  11. You must be punished! Indulging in donuts, tacos, pizza, sodas, hamburgers! 50 lashes!

    Under the new regime, food will be horribly unappetizing, worse than prison food. (Unless you are a filthy stinking rich bailout recipient!) Everyone will starve themselves voluntarily because the food is so bad. Yet our public hospitals and clinics will still be broke, and health care brutally rationed because the bankers need more bailouts! We dare not refuse to appease the gods of the market, the gods of high finance!

    How dare anyone suggest that health care is NOT the cause of the budget crisis? 5,000 lashes with a cat-of-nine-tails, 6,000 hours in the air-con room, 7,000 hours of electroshock torture!!! You must be punished! You must be punished! You must be punished!

    How dare anyone suggest that Obamacare is Nazi rationing! How dare anyone suggest that Obama is using Gestapo tactics to ram this thing through!

    The gods of the market demand that we sacrifice all pleasure and endure all pain. If we deny them their bailouts, they will cause the sky to fall. Perish the thought! I’ve made a resolution: I’m going to sweat and starve and stay fit and trim, to save the planet from financial collapse and global warming! Life is punishment, and then you get murdered by the death panel!

    Life is punishment. We can’t use nuclear power to deal with global climate change. Carbon emissions must be taxed punitively, NOW! The only way to solve any problem is to make billions of people SUFFER and die! If it doesn’t cause mass suffering and death, it’s not a solution because the earth is overpopulated, because people want to live too long and have too many children, because life isn’t painful enough!

    How dare anyone refuse to laud President Barack Obama for his heroic effort to establish world government at the Copenhagen Climate Summit! How dare anyone refuse to bash China, Russia, India and others for not going along with that! How dare Senator Jim Inhofe and Rep. Joe Barton go there to say that what Obama is doing is unconstitutional, and defend China’s rejection of the supranational authority to tax carbon emissions! Investors in green technology and the markets have been denied the tribute and worship that we owe them. Rest assured, our apostasy, our impiety, will be punished, and the gods will have their revenge!

  12. […] the “Obesity Tax,” politicians have yet to tax us for laughter.  Perhaps I shouldn’t give them any […]

  13. Whenever the government tries to legislate morality it always fails. Remember prohibition? That’s all we need is more expensive government bureaucracy.
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..Dental Hygienist Schools In Texas Teach Students =-.

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