Back Pain: Try a Half Bath

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KitchenTableMedicineBy Dr. Nicole Sundene

If you have chronic neck or back pain, you might want to try a half bath next time instead of a full one. Now, many with big Jacuzzi bath tubs may not need this tip, but if you have a standard little bath tub you may want to try this out.

As a med student I was always hunched over a book, which resulted in chronic neck and upper back tension. If you fill the bath tub up so that you can lie with your legs up and your neck and back in the water you may be able to decrease spasming muscles and prevent the tightness from progressing in to a full blown event that leaves you laid up in bed in pain for days on end.

This tip is also great to do right before you go in for a massage, chiro adjustment, physical therapy, acupuncture, or other body work. The looser you are before your appointment, the easier it will be for your practitioner.

Tight muscles can make chiropractic adjustments very difficult. If you always suffer from chronic back and neck pain, be sure to check your office desk ergonomics in addition to being fully worked up by your physician and the proper experts.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems, or other chronic health conditions, please contact your doctor before implementing any hydrotherapy techniques, and ask someone to assist you whenever you are not feeling well.

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  2. This is great! My neck is always hurting and I tried it last night with lavender and epsom salts. Then I put my heat wrap on my neck and woke up this morning without any pain. Saved me a trip to my chiropractor! Thanks Doc!

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  4. I definitely agree that relaxation is an important aspect for relieving back pain, but I think it would be much better done in conjunction with exercises that will strengthen your core.
    .-= Ken´s last blog ..Get Relief With Yoga Back Pain Exercises =-.

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