2009’s Sexiest Washer & Dryer

by in Environmental Medicine, Kitchen Sink March 24, 2009

PhotobucketBy Dr. Nicole Sundene

I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with a washer and dryer, but it happened to me the other day when I caught that special something out of the corner of my eye.

I was at Home Depot and couldn’t resist checking out these super flaming hot sexy washers and dryers by Maytag.

Although I was just admiring the fancy new paint job, I started chatting with the knowledgeable old sales guy in the department about how stainless steel is getting bumped for flashy colored appliances.

Yes…the hot new trend in appliances is COLOR COLOR COLOR people!

But, the front loader washing machine is sexier for a reason far greater than this particular one’s hot red color, it is sexy because it is saving the environment, and as the sales guy and I agreed, probably paying for itself over time.

He informed me that:

  • Front loading washing machines use only an average of 18 gallons of water compared to the 44 gallons used by our traditional top loaders.
  • Because of the washing technique you need less soap, aka less pollution in our water, and less drying time. A standard system takes about 90 minutes to dry while this new system takes only about 30 minutes!

And to think I am worrying about how many gallons of water I am wasting while the water runs too long brushing my teeth each morning!

Just think if we were all using less soap, saving 27 gallons of water with every wash, WHILE reducing our electrical bill each month.  I know a significant portion of mine goes to my dryer.

So if you are looking to replace your washer & dryer anytime soon be sure to check out the new more environmental line of front loaders. They are the hot new fashion…er I mean environmental trend… to grab on to. And they are super cute (also comes in green!)

For more info on my new fav thing visit or your local hardware store.

  1. Erin Happycamper March 25, 2009 at 7:34 am Reply

    oh, I so understand the “sexiness” factor on these. I can’t wait to get a pair of these when I get my own place (and a rich boyfriend)

  2. Oh my goodness! I ran straight off the newsletter to see why a washing machine could be “sexy” and thought maybe my favorite doc had lost her mind, but you are SO right and thanks for using this as an example on why we should use top loaders.

    I use my top loader because it also helps reduce allergens and since I have MCS I try to reduce the total load of what I’m exposed to the best I can (as I learned here) he he.

    Thanks for this laugh! 😉 Loved it and want it!!!! I agree with Erin.

    Maybe I’ll give mine a couple kicks and tell the hubbs we need to replace it.

  3. Oh Doc you crack me up and manage to school me at the same time. It is a rare gift. I was laughing just from the title.

  4. I want it too! My husband is going to be so upset when I break the news!

  5. HOT HOT HOT! Love it!!!

    Missmatchmaker’s last blog post..The porch swing test…

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