Why Pomegranate Juice is Wonderful

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By Dr. Nicole Sundene

When the Pomwonderful people asked me if they could send me some of their juice to taste and report on, I was thrilled because I am already a huge fan, as I mentioned in my articles on “How to Make Your Own Sports Drinks” and “Healthy Herbal Cocktails.”

Plus all my readers know how I shamelessly love free stuff.

Heck even Oprah loves free stuff.

Although I don’t typically recommend any juice in lieu of whole fruits, a few juices such as pure pomegranate, blueberry, and cranberry and such are my exceptions to that rule.

The reason is that they are magical juices chock full of antioxidants. Now, be sure to read the labels and make sure they are PURE and not diluted with apple juice or grape juice, or even worse, the evil High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Pomwonderful is 100% pomegranate juice and thus does not contain the evil HFCS.

As I discussed in my article, “Trifecta of Red Wine, Tea, and Chocolate Shown to Improve Cognitive Function in the Elderly,” we need as many flavonoids in our diets as possible because these antioxidants fight the daily damage caused by free radicals that age us.

PhotobucketAlthough I was aware that pomegranates were a potent inhibitor of cardiovascular disease and a therapeutic food for gingivitis through its antioxidant mechanism (more potent than red wine or green tea according to the ORAC). After reading the literature, I learned that it also is important in prostate health and erectile dysfunction.

Antioxidants are the key to men’s health as I stated in my diatribe, “Chocolate Chips Better than Viagra?” The key to preventing disease is drinking pomegranate juice, and eating a diet rich in whole foods and other antioxidants.

When I asked my “normie tester” aka “normal person that doesn’t typically like ‘Bastyr Fear Factor’ healthy stuff I eat”, to taste the juice for me he said, “It tasted healthy and refreshing, but still had some sweetness to it. It didn’t have that “bitter” taste to it that other pure juices sometimes have. The bottle could be bigger though.”

I informed him that eight ounces was the therapeutic dose stated in the research trials was all he needed daily to prevent cardiovascular disease, prostate problems, and erectile dysfunction he said, “Give me 16 ounces a day!”

Try my PomWonderful challenge: 30 days of 8 oz of pomegranate juice daily and let me know how you feel.


PomWonderful is the only juice company that has invested $25 million in medical research. You may find the juice to be a bit expensive but it is really worth every cent. And if you are already paying $40 a bottle for Mangosteen Juice, you should switch to Pomegranate or blueberry to save you money.

They actually make a pomegranate blueberry blend that is my personal fav.

My only complaint with Pomwonderful is that I can’t seem to find the green tea/pomegranate juice glass jars anywhere anymore and those make for the best travel jars for hot beverages, soups, and such.

My mom even came over and said, “Where did you get these great glasses?” And I replied, “Free with my Pomwonderful Iced tea!”

Pomwonderful juice is available in nearly every grocery store, and if you are looking for the fountain of youth I suggest you pick some up. This is one of my favorite healthy indulgences to recommend! It is 150 calories per 8 oz so keep in mind that this healthy “vice” doesn’t come without calories, but in my weight loss lifestyle plan I use it as the rewarding healthy indulgence that it is.

For more information about the research discussed visit:
If you have a healthy product you would like me to taste and report on please contact us to make arrangements.

  1. Hi all .. this was my first read this morning I’m so happy i landed here this post is very informative my kind of interest plus I liked your view on healthier options … When the Pomwonderful people asked me if they could send me some of their juice to taste and report on, I was thrilled because I am already a huge fan, as I mentioned in my articles on “How to Make Your Own Sports Drinks” and “Healthy Herbal Cocktails.” also keywords we should all zoom in and focus on …. Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidants, Diet Tips, Fruits and Veggies, Kitchen Sink, Preventative Medicine, Product Reports … just like Arnie i’ll be back

    All my best to you and your healthier focus
    Phillip Skinner

  2. Excellent, I will make sure to check back.

  3. good source of anti-oxidants…love the suggestive shape of the bottle….thnx for the info.

  4. I always knew about the antioxidant properties of fruit juices high in Vitamin C. What I didn’t know about was the role pomegranate juice can play in male health issues such as the prostate & ED. Perhaps the anciet world folk knew more about this than we give them credit for (the pomegranate is an ancient phallic symbol) Thanks for the tip.

    I appreciate you,

    Bill Tessore
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    Bill Tessore’s last blog post.."Make Yourself Memorable When Prospects Say ‘No’"

  5. Wouldn’t it be better to make your own juice? Pre-packaged juices tend to be Pasteurized which can destroy some nutrients and protiens, no?

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  8. Love this stuff! Glad to know it is good for me too. Thanks Doc!!

  9. Another reason to like it is that pomegranate juice helps reduce muscle soreness in athletes. I often use pomegranate juice in my PowerT energy-sports homemade drink recipe. This adds the antioxidants from the tea to the nutritional value of the pomegranate to make a super healthy, natural, isotonic energy drink that tastes great!!

  10. A new study lead by Michael Carducci, MD, professor of oncology and urology at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutes, shows the remarkable benefits of pomegranate for encouraging the health of prostate cells. The study is preliminary and supports previous research on the positive effects of pomegranate extract and juice on prostate health.

    The new study involved 92 men with abnormal prostate cells that had not spread outside the prostate, accompanied by rising PSA levels. Rising levels of PSA (prostate-specific antigen) are a sign of abnormal prostate conditions. The men took either one capsule containing 1 gram of pomegranate extract or three pomegranate capsules daily. At the start of the study, the men’s PSA levels were doubling every 12 months. After six months of taking the capsules, it took 19 months for their PSA levels to double. The results were not significantly better for those taking more than one capsule daily. Carducci credits antioxidants in the pomegranate for the positive cellular effects seen in the study.

    Research continues to demonstrate the value of natural compounds, such as those found in pomegranates, for use in conjunction with standard medical treatments. For more valuable information about prostate health and treatment options, download a complimentary wellness guide at

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