Autism Treatment Center of America: The Son-Rise Program

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PhotobucketAutism Treatment Center of America: The Son-Rise Program
By Tara McClintick
Parents and others who care for and work with children with special needs will find The Autism Treatment Center of America to be a breath of fresh air. Located in Sheffield, Massachusetts at The Option Institute, the program is designed to support and inspire adults as well as the children.
The staff receives extensive one-on-one, observed (through a one-way mirror), training with children having a variety of challenges. Parents and others who attend their programs are also trained in the basic principles as outlined in the book Son-Rise. The program originated in 1974 from Bears and Samahria Kaufman’s successful efforts to reach out to their son Raun (now the CEO of the organization).
In this video of various staff members working with children using the Son-Rise method, notice that the program is flexible to meet the individual needs of the child. The child’s inner motivations are used as bridges for connections and opportunities to encourage the next developmental steps.
Some Key Features Include:
*Joining the child in exclusive behaviors to learn about him/her and building a trusting relationship.
*Encouraging the child to make eye-contact, develop language skills, and learn to attend and be comfortable with people.
*Sincerely celebrating the child with energy, excitement and enthusiasm.
* Embracing the parents as the child’s primary advocates and most significant relationships.
*Training and encouraging the parents to work with their child as much as possible.
*Providing guidelines on creating a specially designed play room or specialized learning environment to minimize distractions and make it easier for the child to connect with people.
* Believing that there are NO limits to your child’s potential to learn and grow.
*Helping parents develop an un-waiving attitude regarding their abilities to support their child.
Various levels of support and programs are offered and can be reviewed online. Son-Rise also offers a free inspirational DVD detailing the stories of three different families, and they offer a free 25 minute consultation and other start-up packages. If you are interested in becoming a certified Son-Rise Child Facilitator, professional training is available.
Make a donation to offer hope for families and these amazing children. Donations are tax-deductible.
Author: Tara McClintick is an Early Childhood/Special Education teacher as well as a Son-Rise mom. A great deal of Tara’s 20+ years experience has been working one on one with her youngest son, Jake, who was diagnosed with severe autism shortly after his first birthday.
Jake is now 13 and together they continue the journey towards learning and recovery through nutritional and natural methods. Tara also creates fun, unique picture books for kids using real-life scenes and images

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    I just wanted to share this amazing inspiring video with you. It’s the story about Laura and how she fully recoverd using the Son-Rise Program.
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