It’s Hair Growing Season People!!! Wigs for Kids

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PhotobucketBy Dr. Nicole Sundene
Spring and summer is the best time to grow hair, and the other day when I asked my normally professional looking friend what was up with his new hippie hairdo I hadn’t seen since college, he said “Wigs for Kids!”
“It’s really tough to still look professional while conducting an important business meeting….but it’s for the kids.” Matt said as we both smiled in our mutual “subvert the dominant paradigm kind of way.”
Matt was really excited about Wigs for Kids because, as we both agreed, getting wigs to kids is much more important than providing wigs for adults with cancer.
I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes….but we all know how much more cruel kids can be than adults with teasing, and having cancer or congenital alopecia is certainly a tough enough problem in itself.
I was really touched by my normally “tough guy” kind of friend growing his hair out, and then when I noticed the Operation Smile t-shirt he was wearing, I realized that we were both pretty hopeless bleeding hearts. Yup, I bought diamond grillz and braces for kids in Africa too…or something like that… *wink*
If you are a hopeless bleeding heart and want to join our hair growing team just visit….Wigs for Kids.….come on, it’s for the kids!
Wigs for Kids is easier for me because it only requires 8” which is great because most adult programs need a full 10” and that extra two inches can make a difference to some of us that refuse to let their hair be cut shorter than their collar bone.
Coming up! I will be talking about how we can grow the strongest and healthiest hair as QUICKLY as possible….
It’s hair growing season people!
Are you ready?
Don’t forget to get a little trim every now and then to prevent split ends. We want to grow pretty wigs.
Now let’s all unleash our inner hippies and grow some wigs for kids!
Drop me a comment if you plan to play along!
~Dr. Nicole

  1. I agree it is more important to give wigs to the children. I always wanted to try a long-hairstyle.

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