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by in Bobbie Laing, Kitchen Sink April 23, 2009

PhotobucketBy Bobbie Laing
Does your life need some reorganization? If you are like me, the answer is probably yes.
Americans are some of the most “stressed” people in our world today. We work hard, play hard, and fill our schedules full from the time we hit the floor in the morning until we tumble into bed at night.
Even our children are rushing to get things done. They have school, soccer practice, band, piano lessons, homework, and any number of other obligations that seem to grow as the years go by.
It is no wonder that we are stressed.
It is a wonder, however, that we ever get it all done. As the technological revolution exploded, our lives became more complicated.
Computers allow us to work virtually anywhere. You may have an office at work, but if you are like many people today, you also have one at home. There are multiple “inboxes” to check; voicemail, email, and “snail-mail” (a new term brought about in recent years to refer to the actual “paper” mail we find in the actual “mailbox” in front of our home).
Between multiple inboxes, calendars, and to-do lists, it gets difficult to remember where things are and what needs to be done. I make lists for just about everything. The problem is that these lists are everywhere: on the kitchen counter, my desk, the bedroom and even in my purse.
When I see one of my to-do lists and begin the task, I will get partway in and see another job that needs to be done, and off I go to the next task without having completed the one I started. Sound familiar? What I wanted was a plan; a simple, easy to follow plan that would help me get my life more organized.

“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they’ve started.” – David Allen

PhotobucketIn Leo Babauta’s book, Zen To Done, you will find a comprehensive plan for “getting it all together”. The information presented is easy to follow and simple to implement. As the author himself states in the beginning of the book, the Zen To Done plan is a set of 10 habits that will help you get organized, simplify your life, get things under control, and actually get things done.

“Too often ideas pop into our heads, mail comes into our homes, paperwork comes onto our desks, phone numbers and appointments are given to us while we’re on the go … and they disappear or are forgotten or are relegated to a dusty drawer, never to be seen again.
The problem is that we have no system for collecting all of the information and papers and emails coming into our lives, and keeping them organized in a systematic way.” – Leo Babauta

My favorite section is the one entitled, “Minimal ZTD — the simpler alternative”. This brings the ten-habit plan down to just four. All that is necessary for this one is a pen and a small notebook. The habits are, Collect, Process, Plan, and Do. Whichever plan you prefer, the Zen To Done program is full of helpful advice to get you on your way.
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  1. This sounds great. Between cooking for my family, homeschooling my kids, and managing the different groups we belong to for various things – a system like this would be a lifesaver!
    It says you need a pen and a small notebook – I wonder if an electronic organizer would work just as well? I tend to lose notebooks, lol.
    Kat’s last blog post..Sinupret for Kids Giveaway!

  2. I’m sure an electronic organizer would work just as well. 🙂

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