Doctors Fighting in Washington D.C. to Support H.Con.Res.58!

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By Dr. Nicole Sundene
If you want to see health care reform, and if you blog for health care reform, please re-post the following press release on your website, share with friends, family, and well…everyone that will listen!  You can even include my introductory spiel, or make your own. Please just share the word!
Doctors are fighting to reform health care in America!!!
We are doing this for YOU! For your children!  For your children’s children.  We are doing this for the well being of America…the 2nd most unhealthy country only second to Finland….while we just so happen to spend the MOST on health care….hmmmm….why is that?!?!??!
How can you help Dr. Nicole and friends fight the Kitchen Table Medicine fight?  Just pass on this info to those that are in Washington D.C.  or join them!
Write your congress and let them know that preventive medicine treatments, consultations, and education are IMPORTANT to you.  After all, the Latin root for the word “doctor” is “docere” meaning….to teach.
We want to teach you how to be healthy.  We want to teach you how to live without unnecessary medications.  We want to teach you how to be the best version of you possible.
Thanks so much for passing along the following press release, and helping us fight the fight to offer Americans the finest health care!  We want you to have every option available as we revise the current health care system.  But we need your input.  We need you to write your local congress, to congregate with those in Washington D.C. and let your government officials know that the well being of our nation is important to you and your family.
As a physician, I believe the health care crisis will never be reformed until we fix the crisis at our Kitchen Tables and we need fine doctors, and nurse educators PAID to coach you to a whole food diet and lifestyle. We need acupuncturists, chiropracters, masssage therapists, all working as a team with your MD and naturopathic physician.   Why are these “premium” modalities not part of every insurance plan?  Why don’t you have access to the information you need? Why is organic food SO expensive but refined crap is readily accessible and CHEAP.  Why is the health care crisis I read about in the newspaper at my grandmother’s obituary from 1976 (reporting her as the first female bartender in Olympia) not improved but worsened? We are not headed in the right direction people.  We are going the WRONG WAY.
Why are we worried about the Swine Flu so much when 1 in 3 adults will develop adult diabetes, and if the current trends in America continue then 1 in 2 children born TODAY will end up with diabetes.  If you have two children that means that statistically one of them could end up with diabetes, unless you model healthy whole food eating and lifestyle NOW.
For every $1 a healthy person costs our health care system a diabetic costs $13….now I am no mathematician….but how are we going to reform health care if we don’t start with a whole foods diet and lifestyle?  How are we not going to be in an economic crisis when 50% of Americans have diabetes?
Being healthy really isn’t that hard:
80% Whole Foods + 20% Who Cares = Disease Prevention
You can do it! I believe in you.  Thanks for sharing my message and helping improve preventive medicine legislation.
~Dr. Nicole

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Jenna Huntsberger
(202) 237-8150
Naturopathic Medicine Supporters Advocate For Health Care System Based On Wellness, Disease Prevention, And Natural Medicine:
More than 100 naturopathic doctors and supporters will descend on Capitol Hill Monday, May 4, to advocate for an overhaul of the nation’s health care system. Advocates from across the country will ask their Members of Congress to support H.Con.Res.58, a resolution that would transform the health care system from one that manages disease to one rooted in prevention, health promotion, and wellness.
“The health care system must address the underlying factors that lead to chronic disease,” says Karen Howard, Executive Director of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. “Nearly forty percent of all U.S. deaths are from heart disease, and more than two thirds of Americans are overweight. Clearly, the current system doesn’t do enough to prevent these costly health conditions. We need to move past this broken model and create a system that focuses on overall health, wellness, and enabling the body’s natural healing process.”
Naturopathic medicine is based on the belief that the human body has an innate healing ability.
Naturopathic doctors teach their patients to use lifestyle changes and cutting-edge natural therapies to enhance the body’s ability to ward off and combat disease.
Naturopathic doctors craft comprehensive treatment plans that blend the best of modern medical science and traditional natural medical approaches to not only treat disease, but also to restore health.
“Today, our definition of ‘wellness’ is limited to drug screening, vaccinations, and other preventative strategies such as drug therapy,” continues Howard. “But we drastically undervalue how changing behavior can prevent disease. If the nation is to move past the current health care crisis, we must adopt a patient-centered health care model that will restore and maintain optimal health.”
The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians is a professional association strives to make naturopathic medicine available to every American, and to increase recognition of naturopathic physicians as the identified authorities on natural medicine. Our members include accredited schools of naturopathy, students, physicians, and individual and corporate supporters, participating independently or though 40 state-level affiliate organizations. Learn more at
Jenna Huntsberger
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
4435 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 403
Washington, D.C. 20016
Phone: (202) 237-8150;  Toll-Free: (866) 538-2267;  Fax: (202) 237-8152

  1. This is awesome!
    How can we, as citizens, support the naturopathic doctors who are advocating this movement?

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