Dr. Nicole Needs Fan Mail!!!

by in Kitchen Sink, Reader Questions May 4, 2009

Dear Readers,
Thank you for giving me some fan mail to open up at the kitchen table…keep it coming people!
Nothing inspires me to research and write like a reader emailing me to share how a simple tip has changed their life.
Oftentimes I read and research till the wee hours.  If you enjoy reading Kitchen Table Medicine please just leave a comment on this page!
Thanks a gazillion!
~Dr. Nicole Sundene

Joe Said:

Always interesting and informative. I constantly find myself forwarding the link to friends and family members. Crotchety Old Man The Joy of Toast

timethief Said:

Dr. Nicole Sundene is a Naturopathic Physician, graduate of Bastyr University, and the author of Kitchen Table Medicine. Her blog is a treasure house richly stocked with naturopathic health and well being information. Her well written conversational style blog posts impart the facts and emphasize conscious living and preventative medicine. Readers are encouraged to ask questions and DocNicole provide spractical advice that gradually coaches readers to live a healthier diet and lifestyle. Some highlights indicative of the range of coverage include: * Healthy Whole Foods Eating * Exercise and daily movement * Time spent outdoors appreciating the beauty of nature * Pure clean fresh water * Sleep * Smoking Cessation * Permanent weight loss through adopting better eating and exercise habits * Giving up sugar or dessert * Adopting a more positive mental attitude * Stress management One Cool Site: WordPress Blogging Tips

Doc KC Said:

Dr. Nicole Sundene from Kitchen Table Medicine is not only an extremely intelligent and professional naturopathic physician, but also a kind, warm, compassionate as well as fun and creative woman. Her “kitchen table” for alternative medicine news and tips on herbal medicine, diet, nutrition, and exercise is extremely well written and informative. If you have any questions as to health, nutrition, or other related topics, this is the place to go! As open minded and non-judgmental as Dr. Nicole is, you’re sure to feel very comfortable confiding in her. Doc KC Dr. KC’s Blog

Benny Greenberg Said:

You got to love this site. A no nonsense approach to being healthier and a lot of tongue in cheek humor from our newest cutest Doc to grace the blog world. All seriousness. Dr. Nicole is great at presenting what she is telling us and all the while making us healthy! Ben

Robin Easton Said:

Hi Doc, I just love your site and you. You not only present exciting and highly useful advice but you come across as someone who is full of vitality and life. Nothing could create a better environment for healing. You vivaciousness is contagious and many of your health tips are ones that people can start using right away. I am so glad you are on the internet. You not only help people heal but you make the internet a healthier place just being on it, which I REALLY appreciate. Bless you and thanks. Robin Easton

JD Said:

Gotta love the good Doctor. Her blog is not only informative and good for you!

rob Said:

Wonderful place to for a tune up. I love your blog. Rob’s Megaphone Blog

ortho Said:

I am afraid I’ll be boring and also give a 10 :) The blog is just amazing. Excellent writing and the layout is also memorable. From a designer’s point of view and also from an avid reader’s side I can’t do anything but congratulate you for this amazing creation ;) Orthodontics Today WebMaster Blog

Jack Payne Said:

A “Treasure Chest” of health information if ever there was one. There simply are not enough hours in the day. I’ve spotted several pieces in the Archives that I will only have to return to time and again–to read, as time permits. Great job, Doc. The writing is first-rate. You REALLY have a Blog to be proud of. The Con Man’s Blog

Edwin Reyes Said:

a great site. A simple blog but it helps a lot. Congratulation for being on the most popular blog. just continue and you’re helping a lot of people. thanks for this great info

Ange Recchia Said:

I love Doc Nicoles posts and encourage you to read them to. Great practical advice to help anyone who is out of touch with alternative methods and medicines. Thanks for such a great blog!

Loraleigh Vance Said:

Wow! I love the layout and graphics just to start with! And your panel of experts is impressive! Thanks for putting together such a great resource.

Tony Said:

Excellent blog. Contains valuable information explained in a way that makes it easy to grasp.
Keep on doing what you are and you will end up with a major blog publication. You have every skill it takes.
Owner of the premier directory for blogs on the internet!

timethief Said:

Having access your blog is like getting the keys to a treasure house richly stocked with naturopathic health and wellbeing information. I have benefited greatly from reading your articles pertaining to fibromyalgia, raynauds and arthritis. In addition, the diet you specifically prepared for people like me is just what my body needed. I love your sunny attitude and admire the way you encourage us to develop better eating and exercise habits and a positive attitude. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise and loving kindness online. It’s a much appreciated blessing. Namaste, Timethief

robin Said:

I love your blog. I believe food and natural occuring things will keep us healthy. I’ll be happy to send readers your way so they can learn and maybe stay healthy. Robin

Erik Johnels Said:

Great site, lots of clear concise and helpful information. A little hard to navigate, but this is clearly a no BS zone!. Keep up the good work.

nardeeisms Said:

Doc, this is great. So colorful, so welcoming and so informative… Where’s the ‘11′ on the rating box?- Nards

Brandi Magill Said:

I love your blog, so informative! Can’t wait to visit again:~)

Anne Said:

This is my new favorite blog! If you want to know why, you’ll just have to go and check it out for yourself

NancyEllyn Said:

Love your blog!

Gibraltar Said:

The tips are very helpful. Great work.

Jubie Said:

Doc! An “A-10″ rating for you! I really like how you simply add natural remedies and health tips to each post! I’m following you too! Great job!

Alexander M Zoltai Said:

Added your blog to my RSS Reader… ~ Alex

Michael de`OZ Said:

Keep up the great work:)

Tricia Said:

I found this site to be very informative. Lots of useful information, well written, and easy to follow. Really good resource if you wish to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Erin Said:

This was a greta site. I especially liked the info on Coca Cola making a softdrink which uses Stevia. My family avoids artificial sweetners and white sugar so most soft drinks are out.

Skip Kanester Said:

Wow, glad I found your blog. A wealth of great info!! The more we can help people take responsibility for their lives, one baby step at a time, the better! Keep up the good work.

Turmoyle Said:

You’ve really got a great blog here…loads of useful information, well organized…I will be visiting often!

Larry Janson Said:

Kitchen Table advice worthy of the whole house!!! I just used your stress management Zen Breathing techniques to blissedful results!!!

Robin Easton Said:

This is a GREAT idea! I’ve been eating and living healthy for years and use herbs and homeopathy as well. It is so good to see someone on the internet making this kind of advice available. Good for you. It’s time for people to take back control of their own health.

Jay O. Said:

Very informative and well-written.

Angie Alaniz Said:

Great info. and well written.

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It raises all the issues related to living better, including knowing what to use, how to use it and when, and what to change psychologically to incorporate real, lasting, healthy change; and it offers a platform where people can ask and learn of

qualified natural health professionals, and get real responses to questions (and participate in Dr. Nicole’s poll to tell her what you want her to write about)….
Kitchen Table Medicine is an easier way to learn about living better in sync with nature. It’s a way to become more familiar with natural living without being overwhelmed by all there is to learn.
Dr. Nicole and company present the information in small, understandable, digestible pieces, and cover all the bases for successful healthy living….Read the rest of this article about Kitchen Table Medicine
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I have never been a pill popper and am always looking for natural remedies for various maladies. I consider Dr. Nicole’s blog to be a very valuable resource. I can’t tell you how much time I have saved NOT researching something, as she already had covered the topic. The writing style is delightful, professional, personable and to the point.
Again, many sincere thanks for leaving an inspiring comment for me to read on a rainy day!

~Dr. Nicole Sundene


  1. Great informative health website that I can actually deal with! Wonderful tips for the average busy worker!

  2. Hi Dr. Nicole,
    As I said in my review of your site, the service you provide is fabulous. Whenever I’m in need of reliable and accurate health information, it’s here where I head first.
    Thank you for linking to my blog. And, as you put it so well, UDABEST. 🙂
    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..Who Said “Blogging Is Easy”

  3. I want to complement you. You are an incredibly articulate and smart girl. It’s a pleasure to read your posts and musings.

  4. Thanks Nicole!
    Have been enjoying your Kitchen Table Medicine articles via my email for some while. Excellent stuff there!

  5. Dr. Nicole Sundene from Kitchen Table Medicine is not only an extremely intelligent and professional naturopathic physician, but also a kind, warm, compassionate as well as fun and creative woman.
    Her “kitchen table” for alternative medicine news and tips on herbal medicine, diet, nutrition, and exercise is extremely well written and informative. If you have any questions as to health, nutrition, or other related topics, this is the place to go! As open minded and non-judgmental as Dr. Nicole is, you’re sure to feel very comfortable confiding in her

  6. I always enjoy your info & am glad someone is talking about taking care of our health in ways other than drugs & surgery.
    You have my appreciation & support.

  7. Thank you for having newsletters. It’s no nice to have info from an actual doctor to forward to my un-informed friends. I also appreciate how thoroughly you cover your topics – as I think of questions when reading your articles I know I just have to read on to have my questions answered….. you’ve become my top resource for info due to the sheer accuracy of your data.

  8. Dr. Nicole,
    You keep on doing what you do – you are articulate and thoughtful and inciteful – you make me think about my choices every day! Your email is probably the single most important email I get because I always change something that I am thoughtlessly doing that is not good for my health. Bravo, Doctor! And Thank you!

  9. i love your blog. wish i could find a GP in australia like you. keep ranting …rage against the machine!!!

  10. Thank you so much for the blog on Harvard and the F grade. Say it like it is and in the end Truth will prevail!
    Keep up the fantastic work – your site is a treasure.

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