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Designer Protein Ult. Whey French Vanilla

By Dr. Nicole Sundene
This is my favorite brand of protein powder, as I discussed in my article, “Fourteen Ways to Unleash your Inner Fabulosity.” I am sure there are a ton of other great protein powders from Jarrow, and the other supplement companies that pass independent quality assurance at, but I just like this tasty vanilla formula in my berry smoothies. Or stir in to your oatmeal, or shake up with milk and poor over your AM cereal so you don’t get the afternoon slumpies.  If you are a chocolate lover, the chocolate designer protein is delicious with milk, frozen bananas, and almond butter!
Anyways I am hooked on this vanilla one, and also love their new weight loss protein powder with added fiber and weight loss nutrients.  This protein powder also comes in a smaller size that I’m linking to at a great SALE price if you are on the “Tough Economic Times Diet.”
The small size normally retails for about $15 bucks.
You can get the larger sized one in order to vigilently make “Dr. Nicole’s Smoothie Recipe” which should be a daily regime for everyone trying to LOSE WEIGHT and for athletes as a protein supplement post exercise. As well as for those that are trying to increase protein to healthfully gain weight.
p.s. Frankly I don’t like the “natural flavor” I can only be so natural I guess *wink*.
Dr. Nicole

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