Bastyr Herb Fair June 6th!

by in Acupuncture, Holistic Tips, Kitchen Sink May 27, 2009

Mark your calenders! June 6th is the Bastyr Herb Fair!
Our own “Doc Martin” – Eric Martin, Acupuncturist and master herbalist, will be leading herb walks at this year’s 11th Annual Bastyr Herb Fair! I probably won’t be there because I don’t like crowds of people… and already know it all! (Just kidding). Anyway, this is a fun free time for friends and family.
Be sure to try the acupressure foot path! I plan to talk about how to make your own foot path soon. It is pretty simple – anyone who can pour a cement path can do it. You just need to stick some smooth river rocks about halfway in to properly massage the feet.
This is a great opportunity learn a bit more about herbs!
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