Does this Snuggie Make me Look Fat?

by in Exercise, Kitchen Sink, Weight Loss June 12, 2009

by Dr. Nicole Sundene

With 1/3 of Americans obese, every month is now “Weight Loss Month” at the kitchen table!

It may be acceptable for me to hide in a Snuggie like I did on Mother’s Day, but I am moving down south to Arizona and need to tone up FAST! Here are some of my favorite weight loss tips and tricks:

  • Best Alternative Medicine Plan for Weight Loss
  • Know your fat burning zone so your exercise counts.
  • Ride the Wave or find a new fun toy to help you burn a few extra calories and stretch out those hips from sitting around the office all day.
  • Sleep: Studies show if you don’t get enough sleep that is a cause for weight gain, and during these “Tough Economic Times” we need to use all the freebies we can snatch up!
  • Calcium: Are you getting enough calcium? Research supports calcium supplementation for weight loss. Woo hoo!! This is a simple and cheap thing we should be taking anyway. I am not a fan of calcium carbonate as commonly used in many antacids, because we actually need acid to absorb our minerals, therefore I prefer calcium citrate. Non-menopausal adult women should get about 1200mg in daily divided doses to prevent osteoporosis and help control weight.
  • Fiber: Best source for fiber is fruits and veggies. I also use these chewable fiber tablets by Enzymatic Therapy, add ground flaxseeds to smoothies, and typically don’t recommend psyllium fiber as it can make some people really gassy….especially if I have to be around them!
  • Chomium Picolinate: To help balance cravings try 200mcg of chromium twice daily.
  • Multivitamin: If you are restricting your diet be sure to make sure all your bases are covered by taking a high quality multivitamin.
  • Make a Zero Zone: Your fridge feng shui is Uber important. Zero calories and guilt free snacks like fruits and veggies should be readily available and accessable. Hide the non-whole food treats for the “out of site out of mind” benefit.
  • Make it a Gym Date: Whether catching up with a girlfriend over the stairmaster, or strutting your stuff on an actual date at the gym, suggest healthy alternatives to the typical dates that consist of sitting around and overeating, overdrinking, and over-overing in the Standard American Diet (SAD) fashion.
  • Reading: Join our book club just by staying tuned, or subscribed. Bobbie Laing will be writing about many different genres between self help books, engaging novels, and so forth. When we have a quiet night reading, we are nurturing that within us that is stressed and needs to be calm while avoiding television ad brainwashing.

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  2. […] Here is the original post: Does this Snuggie Make me Look Fat? […]

  3. Just finished a workshop with ImmunoLabs……You may want to add “Check for food allergies” as an item to check for when looking to drop pounds. By the way…When I saw the title to your post on my Google Reader..I thought it was going to be a piece on childhood obesity….you had me smiling.

  4. Thanks actually this is my Grammas snuggie that she got on Mother’s Day 😀 I like to entertain people with nonsensical pictures….I should have posted the pic of Gramma in the snuggie too.

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