Weight Issues Cause People to Hide

by in Bonnie Pfiester, Exercise, Kitchen Sink, Weight Loss March 25, 2010

PhotobucketBy Bonnie Pfiester, Fitness Trainer

As a fitness professional, I often feel like a Priest at confession. Over the years, I’ve heard it all. As people lose weight they begin confessing past ‘sins’. One of the most popular confessions is what people choose to avoid because of their weight.

Top on everyone’s list is taking family photos. One of the hardest things to do is to get someone who’s lost a lot of weight to come up with a “fat picture”. They all have the same response, “No one wants to get their picture taken when they’re fat.” Unfortunately, once they lose weight, they realize how much of their life was lost to just a memory.

Next on the list are weddings and reunions. Both events offer opportunities to see people you haven’t seen in a long time. If that’s not enough stress, then you add the million photographs to capture the occasion. Before you can even get home to unpack, pictures will be posted online and emailed across the country.

Other neglected activities are summer activities with the kids. Pool parties and days at the beach can be a nightmare for people who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Shoot, swimwear is stressful enough for skinny people, much less someone who’s carrying a few extra pounds.

The nightmare begins with shopping for a bathing suit and looking in a three-way mirror.

If the person’s lucky enough to find a suit they like, then they still have to decide if they’re actually going to wear it. Often times the over-priced suit will never see daylight, hiding safely under a t-shirt or sundress.

Although your spouse should be the one person you’re comfortable with, many people will pass up a romantic occasion if they’re uncomfortable with their body. As one friend shared, “it’s hard to feel sexy when you are fat, tired, sweaty and out-of-breath”. Even a few pounds are enough to make a person feel self-conscious in a romantic setting.

Lastly, there are other things people miss that are extremely important in life – like a doctor’s appointment. I was shocked to hear people actually avoided going to the doctor because they feared receiving a lecture about their weight. In order to avoid the lecture, they simply avoided the doctor.

We see that in gyms as well. People avoid the gym in fear of being judged, lectured or embarrassed. Although it should be the first place to go, it’s often the last resort. Either way, both places are there to help people, yet they remain on the list of things to avoid.

What’s the good news? In my experience, people don’t have to lose all their weight in order to reap the benefits. Since people tend to let their guilt dictate their decisions, it only takes a little success before someone begins to change the way they act and feel. Once they see some progress, they begin to gain confidence again.

Even if they still have a lot to lose, they begin to feel more successful and in control because they’re headed toward their goal.

If you’ve been guilty of letting your weight interfere with your life, maybe it’s time you make some changes. Instead of sculpting a life around your body, try sculpting your body around your life.

  1. Most people don’t realize that they need to stay fit for health reasons.When one is overweight and obese, it poses a risk on one’s health. Obesity paves the way for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic conditions.This is an interesting article. Keep up the great post!
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  2. As you said in this article without saying about past sins. you can’t loose your weight.
    When you look over weight every body notice you for just laughing .This time every body want to good shape.
    Your weight and body create your persona in front of your friends and colleague.
    So always maintain weight and physic.

  3. As article said that I always noticed in India couple of India where no match in weight because some reason behind this that is some people come from village they don’t think this is mandatory or not.and their partner always busy in house work ,Their is no time for maintain physic.

  4. In my opinion you are totally right to locate this issue .when people going to overweight their is more disease like diabetes,blood pressure that is so harmful for women than men.But the main issue is when public will open his will for good physic and weight.

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