Astragalus for Immune Support

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I love the herb Atragalus membranceus because it is a wonderful immune system “shield” for the winter months.
Avoiding sick people at home, the work place, and social functions is nearly impossible during the winter months so protecting yourself with proper hand washing, and ensuring that your immune system is properly “winterized” is an easy enough thing to do.
Although these sick individuals should do us all a favor and stay home, they still for whatever reason valiantly roll in to the work place, exposing us all to the latest cough, cold or flu.
Be sure to use the root of this plant.
You can take this in capsule or tincture form, or a simple tea can be made by simmering 1 heaping tablespoon or ½ stick of the dry root per 8 oz cup of water for about 15 minutes. Astragalus tea can be added to soups, or cooked in to brown rice for an edible immune system treat.
According to Chinese medicine theory, herbs that engage the shield should not be used once one is actually ill. The analogy is that when “your house is infested with robbers you want to open up all the windows and doors to drive them out”.
Astragalus is a great way to lock down your doors and windows to prevent the winter “robbers” from getting in. Once ill however it is best to use a different kind of herb than this general immune system tonic.
Author: Dr. Nicole Sundene
Naturopathic Physician
Sources: “The Web That Has No Weaver” by Ted Kaptchuk, OMD
“Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth” by Sharon Tilgner, ND

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  2. With cold and flu season approaching fast, it’s important to avoid germs and support your body’s natural defenses by staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, maintaining a nutrient-rich diet, and washing your hands frequently. Certain herbs such as Echinacea and ginseng improve the health of the spleen and lungs, making them widely used tonics for adrenal function and restoring vitality and energy in the body. Garlic is another natural remedy for flu prevention, as it has potent antiviral, antibacterial and immune boosting properties. Additionally, medicinal mushrooms are highly effective for immune support, as they enhance immune function and help your body fight infection. Certain medicinal mushrooms provide anti-viral and anti-microbial effects, due to their content of beta-glucans that help to actively support the immune system.
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  4. I’ve written before about how Astragalus helps boost the immune system. It has been shown to increase the chances of cancer survival. I agree that it shouldn’t be taken when you fall ill with fever though but instead used as a preventative measure.
    You can read my article at:

  5. Herbal ingredients and natural nutrients are often capable of supporting different functions within the body, and current research is showing that a certain kind of honey may be useful in fighting drug-resistant germs.
    Honey has been used for thousands of years, but its medicinal popularity fell when antibiotics became the go-to treatment. Raw, natural honey contains a variety of antioxidants and enzymes, and also has antibacterial properties, which can be effective both internally and externally. Raw honey has historically been used on the skin because it contains an antiseptic substance called inhibine which may prevent infection. Manuka honey is a specific kind of honey cultivated from the Manuka tree (or tea tree), which is native to New Zealand. Tea trees have long been revered for their oil, which has anti-bacterial properties often used for skin conditions. To learn more about natural remedies and detoxification techniques, visit my website at

  6. If there are not enough antioxidants to neutralize an excess of free radicals, cellular damage can occur. Including antioxidant-rich foods in your diet is an excellent way to boost your levels of this critical class of nutrients and enzymes. For more information on antioxidant-rich, free radical-fighting foods, read my healthy diet recommendations here:

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