Dr Nicole's Favorites

Provided below is a selection of beauty and skincare products personally selected and vouched for by Dr. Nicole. The products, while far-reaching and multi-pronged in their functionalities, are all conducive to health and safe beauty.


Brightening Facial Oil

Bring a bright, natural glow to your face.               

Plumping Facial Mist

Versatile and underrated, fight dryness with this facial mist.

Nourishing Rosewater Mist

Rosewater is a natural beauty enhancer that nourishes.

Body Oil in Citrus Rosemary

Citrus and rosemary is a natural herb amalgam for beauty enhancement.

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Sheer Lipstick

Minimal yet elegant, sheer lipstick works brilliantly for all occasions.                    

Lip Gloss

Simple and effective, lip gloss requires no quasi-beautician expertise on your part.

Mini Lip Gloss Vault

Furnish your beauty collection with this mini lip gloss vault for all occasions.          

En Taupe Eyeshadow Palette

Six eye shadows—countless uses. From bold to docile, this is the ultimate eye shadow palette.

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Current Favourite

Dr. Nicole’s current favorite happens to be an amazing cleansing balm that is used in 6 easy and simple steps and produces a glowing, healthy looking skin as a result. From fighting aging to making you look naturally tantalizing, the cleansing balm has many functions to serve.

About Beauty Counter

Dr. Nicole is a naturopathic doctor who specializes in beauty advice, holistic medicine, and nutritional suggestions. Having started in 2007, Dr. Nicole has helped many women pave the path to natural, safe methods of achieving beauty and longevity. We prioritize women’s health and overall wellbeing.

It is imperative that safe, non-noxious raw materials be used in skincare products since skin is your first line of defense and needs protection, something most of us overlook. Heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and other dangerous elements are shunned in these products, focusing instead on natural, herbal, and organic ingredients for better, long-lasting beauty that is both satisfying and safe.