Air Pollution

Chlorine Shower Filter: Anti-Aging

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A simple anti-aging trick is to use a shower water filter. I cannot more highly recommend the use of shower water filters for reducing chlorine associated aging and accelerated damage to healthy cells. Chlorine is a toxic gas that destroys the healthy cells in our bodies on contact.Historically, chlorine gas was used as part of […]

Common Household Pollutants

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Formaldehyde off-gasses (evaporates) from cushions, cosmetics, insulation, plywood, disinfectants, particleboard and adhesives used to manufacture most inexpensive wood-based products. Carpets and carpet cushions may also off-gas formaldehyde, causing eye and upper respiratory irritation. According to the EPA, formaldehyde may even cause cancer. Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S., warns the […]

Plants That Promote Clean Air

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 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has done studies indicating that indoor air pollution is a more consistent threat to your health than outdoor pollution. This pollution comes primarily from volatile organic chemicals (VOC) like formaldehyde that are present in new building materials such as carpeting, paneling, cabinets, fabrics, etc. This pollution can be reduced with […]