How to Detox

by in Allergies, Detox March 26, 2008

Do you need a spring cleaning? Spring is the best time to do a detox. We not only need to clean out the cupboards and the cobwebs in our homes, but our bodies and minds could use a similar sprucing up as well. Think of a detox as the “Spring Break” your body needs to […]

Allergens in the Bedroom

by in Allergies February 27, 2008

Allergies causing snoring and sleep apnea commonly interfere with a good night’s sleep. Allergens in the bedroom from pet dander, goose down pillows, dust mites, mold and mildew are the most likely culprits. If you suffer from allergies you can reduce the total load of exposure by purchasing hypoallergenic pillows, bedding, and mattress covers. Pillows […]

No More Peanuts?!!!

by in Allergies, Peanut free January 10, 2008

Peanuts are a major allergen. Peanuts (often in the form of peanut butter), because of their widespread use in the American diet, create health problems for many children and adults. Secondly, the aflatoxin content (mold common in peanuts) of peanuts is known to be a cancer-causing agent to the liver when eaten in large enough […]

Environmental Health Resources List

by in Allergies, Asthma, Environmental Medicine January 10, 2008

The following information is listed for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or other environmnetal allergies or sensitivities… LOCAL RESOURCES Environmental Home Center (206) 682-7332 / (800) 281-9785 1724 4th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134 Retail store offering a variety of non-toxic/low toxic building, decorating and remodeling materials. Healthy Building Associates (206) 448-9135 1932 1st Avenue […]

Common Childhood Food Allergies

by in Allergies, Pediatrics January 9, 2008

The most common childhood allergies are: Cow Milk Wheat Egg Corn Symptoms can include: Hives Vomiting Eczema Diarrhea Sneezing Wheezing Coughing Swelling of throat Nasal congestion Anaphylactic shock Abdominal pain Reaction time: Minutes Days Instructions for care givers other than the parents: Provide a written statement notifying the caregiver of the allergy. Include a specific […]